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Britney Spears KFC, Photo Goes Viral

Britney Spears KFC photo is being getting a lot of attention according to the reports on on Thursday, March 21. Britney Spears was photographed by the paps who followed the former "X-Factor" judge to the popular fast food restaurant KFC in Thousand Oaks after a cover shoot for Shape magazine. When you are Britney Spears you tend to spark controversy in every move you make, even if you are doing something as tame as grocery shopping, or buying dinner. The issue of Britney Spears KFC purchase came after just hours before tweeting that she was the official cover girl for Shape magazine, then went to buy greasy, fattening, and really bad for you but, yummy KFC. Some are now giving Britney Spears a hard time, claiming that since Shape magazine promotes health fitness, dieting, and exercise, her indulging in junky fast food is sending the wrong message. But, Britney Spears being, Britney Spears loves her junk and fast foods, and has never made it a secret. The Papa