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Girl Scout Cookies Got Lady Fired

Girl Scout Cookies get Lady fired, woman claims that Girl Scout Cookies got her fired, according to a March 21 Inquisitor report. The Washington mom said that she was fired from her position as Bon Appetit Retail Service Manager with American University food service companies after working with them for 30 years. According to Tracy Lewis, she was fired after selling her daughter's Girl Scout Cookies while on the job. Even though she has sold the Girl Scout Cookies for the past three years, this year she got in trouble for it. Not only did she get spoken to over the incident, but she was also fired. Apparently, Tracy Lewis was accused of "operating a personal cash business selling girl scout cookies over the counter which violates company policy." They also charged that she was soliciting. Lewis said,     "They didn't give me any warning … It's crazy because I can’t profit for selling the cookies. It's a volunteer position. I was just trying to help my da