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Kate Upton prom, Invite for Date Goes Viral

Kate Upton prom, Kate has a very serious admirer in Los Angeles and he is hoping that the model will attend the prom with him. In what has to be one of the classiest videos by a fan, Kate Upton is asked by Los Angeles high school student Jake Davidson if she would consider going to his prom. The video first hit the web on Sunday, but since then the fans have passed around the invite with thousands of people checking out Davidson’s request and many sharing the video with Kate Upton The asking of a date to a super model is no small feat. Davidson sets up the request in form of a small short film with segments showing him and his life as he lives in Los Angeles. Respectful yet enticing, Jake seems to hit all the right points to ask the star on the date. So far Kate Upton hasn't responded to Jake Davidson, but it’s safe to say that when she does, no matter her answer, she is going to be impressed with all the effort put into the request. Going