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NORAD evacuated Evacuation Lifted at Headquarters in Colo.

NORAD headquarters in Colorado NORAD headquarters in Colorado were evacuated for about 4 1/2 hours Thursday after employees found five suspicious packages, but the command's control room team was working at a backup location about eight miles away at the time and no essential missions were disrupted, officials said. Employees became suspicious because something about the packages looked "out of place," said Jeff Bohn, a spokesman at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, where the North American Aerospace Command is based. Bohn declined to say what the packages looked like or what appeared to be amiss. Tests performed on the packages ruled out chemical, biological and radiological agents, Bohn said. The packages were then removed and were undergoing other tests, he said. Bohn said he did not know how the packages arrived or whether they had been screened before they were delivered. He said that would be part of the investigation. NORAD is a joint U.S.-Canadian

NORAD Evacuated After Five Suspicious Packages Found

NORAD Evacuated After Five Suspicious Packages Found NORAD was evacuated after five suspicious packages were found on Thursday. Employees became suspicious at NORAD’s Colorado headquarters when something about the packages looked out of place. The evacuation took place at Peterson Air Force Base, though the organization’s control room team was operating at a backup site in Cheyenne Mountain at the time. The control team was at its backup site, because renovations are currently underway at their main building. NORAD is short for North American Aerospace Defense Command. The group is a joint US-Canadian command whose goal is to defend the skies above both nations. They also monitor any sea approaches. Cheyenne Mountain was originally NORAD’s primary control room. It was carved out in the 1960s and can withstand a nuclear attack. NORAD moved to Peterson Air Force Base in 2006. Because the organization’s control team was operating at a backup site, the NORAD evacuation did not affect