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Rapper wanted for assault, Hitting Fan with Bottle

Rapper wanted for assault, Rapper Stage-name Gucci Mane is an American rapper this Saturday, March 23, Gucci Mane has been accused of hitting a fan in the head with a bottle of champagne recently at an Atlanta nightclub. The headline reading, “Gucci Mane: Rapper wanted for assault at nightclub”, Fox noted that local authorities are responding to charges filed from James Lettley, a former fan of the rapper, in an assault case. Lettley stated that he tried talking with Gucci Mane this March 16 at the VIP section of an Atlanta nightclub when the rapper (actual name Radric Davis) didn’t take kindly to the conversation. Police officials affirm that the rapper wanted for assault is now being accused of striking Lettley on the head with a champagne bottle when he would not let him be at the locale, leaving a serious wound. The man was later transported to a Memorial Hospital following the incident to have the gash treated. A warrant has now been issued for Gucci Mane on charges of aggravated

Rapper wanted for assault

Rapper wanted for assault, Radric Davis better known by his stage name Gucci Mane, is an American rapper. An arrest warrant was issued for Gucci Mane after his fan told police the rapper hit him in the head with a champagne bottle at a downtown Atlanta nightclub. James Lettley, of Fort Hood, Texas, said he was in Atlanta for his birthday and heard that the rapper -- whose real name is Radric Davis -- was going to be at the Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge promoting a new mixtape. Lettley, 32, said Saturday he wanted to get a picture with the rapper and was talking to a security guard when he was hit March 16. "Once he struck me in my head, I looked at him in a state of shock and looked at him like `why?"' Lettley said. He said he was then hit in his face by a second man and left the club. Police said the assault appeared to be unprovoked and caused a severe gash to Lettley's head. He was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital and said he had to get 10 stitches. Police said the r