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13-page suicide note

13-page suicide note, The 13-page suicide note left by the mother who strapped her 10-month-old son to her chest and jumped out the eighth story window details the reasons for Cynthia Wachenheim to want to kill herself and her son. Her son survived as his mother's body broke his fall, according to Fox News live on Friday, March 15, 2013. A passerby saw the woman fall with the baby and said that the baby bounced off his mother and landed nearby, his injuries were only scratches. According to on Friday March 15, 2013, the note was very specific on the guilt that Wachenheim suffered after her son had taken a couple of falls that she blamed herself for. She was living with shame, she describes in her suicide letter, The very distraught mother explains that her son once fell off a playset and landed on a wooden floor and another fall she wrote about was when he rolled off the bed and onto the floor. She called them “shameful incidents: in her suicide note. Since these falls, Wa