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shark protection Historic Day

The Oceanic whitetip is found in tropical and warm temperate seas Three types of critically endangered but commercially valuable shark have been given added protection at the Cites meeting in Bangkok. The body, which regulates trade in flora and fauna, voted by a two thirds majority to upgrade the status of these sharks. Campaigners hailed the move as historic and said that the vote represented a major breakthrough for marine conservation. The decisions can still be overturned by a vote on the final day of this meeting later this week. The oceanic whitetip, three varieties of hammerheads and the porbeagle are all said to be seriously threatened by overfishing. “Start Quote     Cites is ready to come of age for marine species” Dr Colman O'Criodain WWF International Their numbers have declined dramatically in recent years, as the trade in shark fins for soup has grown. Manta rays are killed for their gill plates which are used in Chinese medicine. S