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Wrestler throws medal in garbage

The story of a wrestler throwing a medal in the garbage is one the stories trending on the Internet Tuesday. University of Iowa senior Matt McDonough was apparently so angry about his second-place finish at last weekend’s Big Ten tournament that he threw his medal in the garbage, UPI reported Tuesday. McDonough is a three-time All-American wrestler. Many are asking, 'how could an experienced athlete take a loss so hard as to throw a medal in the trash?' The story of the wrestler throwing away his medal in the garbage was first reported by a student reporter, Sam Louwagie. UPI reports, “It was discovered later by an intrepid student reporter, Sam Louwagie, who has yet to explain why he was digging around in the trash." Louwagie Tweeted: “This is the 2nd place 125 pound Big Ten trophy. We found it in the garbage.… — Sam Louwagie (@SamLouwagie) March 10, 2013” Why would McDonough be so angry at the loss? "It was McDonough’s third loss this sea