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Goat jumps on pig

Goat jumps on pig, on any ranking of cuteness, baby goats have to be right up there with puppies and kittens. The little kids – they’re usually born as twins and triplets – nuzzle one another, sniff your face and wobble about on knobby legs.  So it’s no surprise that Noreen O’Connell loves her baby goats, and recently there’s been a lot to love. Every other day in April it seemed baby goats were being born at her farm on Federal Hill Road. Noreen and her husband, Tim, have been farming here for 37 years, and at one time or another they raised pigs, cows and chickens. But she didn’t love them the way she loves her little kids. “I don’t know why we didn’t have goats 30 years ago,” Noreen said as she watched 2-day-old goats struggle to climb a step stool. Butternut Farm has long produced a wide range of vegetables on about six acres, “arugula to zucchini,” as Noreen likes to say, as well as cut-your-own flowers and Christmas trees. But it’s the goats Noreen is excited about now. The O’Co