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Christie gay therapy, Gov Undecided

Christie gay therapy, New Jersey’s Republican governor, a man who fashions himself a 2016 presidential candiate, is unsure about therapy that claims  to “cure” gays through hugging them homoerotically and then bashing a pillow with a tennis racket.  Seriously. New Jersey is considering similar legislation to that recently passed in California, banning “ex-gay” therapy to supposedly cure gay people, especially kids, through all sorts of bizarre and downright laughable techniques, such as the two I described above.  Other techniques include “manning up” the gay guy, making him play sports and learn to act like a man, whereas lesbians are forced to put on pretty dresses and lipstick.  This is what Chris Christie is unsure about. Governor Christie is saying that he’s just not sure he likes the legislation, because he’d hate to interfere with a parent’s right to use quack science to permanently damage their child and push them into suicide. You really out to read this piece in NorthJersey.