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Bill Gates on gay ban

Bill Gates on gay ban, The Boy Scouts gay ban has been a hot topic lately, and it seems many think it's time for the organization to change its stance on having gay leaders and members. As it turns out, Bill Gates' gay ban thoughts caught the attention of many during his March 14 chat in Politico's Playbook Cocktails video. Gates was a Boy Scout during his youth, and he says he learned a lot from his time in the organization. However, “Because it's 2013” Bill Gates says the gay ban should be lifted. He had no qualms about saying he thinks it is time for a change, as when asked if the ban should be lifted he said, “Absolutely.” The Boy Scouts have put off making a change or having an in-depth discussion on this issue again and again. While they do still have a lot of support for the ban, they are seeing increased pressure from many to make a change. Whether the Boy Scouts organization will lift the gay ban remains to be seen, but there are many who agree with Bill Gates