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Obama to Meet With House GOP Over Budget

WASHINGTON – President Obama headed back to Capitol Hill on Wednesday in his new campaign to win over his loudest critics in Congress: the restless and resistant House Republican majority. After his session Tuesday with Senate Democrats, the president was to spend an hour with Speaker John A. Boehner and the 231 other House Republicans, who have regularly tangled with the White House and Senate Democrats over tax and spending policy. The fight is being renewed this week as House Republicans unveiled their budget, calling for a repeal of the new health care law and a major overhaul of Medicare, while Senate Democrats prepared to release a plan that would raise new revenues through tax increases and call for new public investment. Those competing budget plans and the Republican refusal to entertain additional tax revenues seemed to raise new questions in the president’s mind about whether a broad budget deal was achievable, even before his talk with the House Republicans. “Ultimately, i