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White House warns North Korea on isolationist actions

The White House says North Korean threats to train rocket fire on the U.S. only deepen the country's isolation from the world. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warned Friday that his rocket forces were ready, quote, "to settle accounts with the U.S." The threat came after nuclear-capable American B-2 bombers dropped dummy munitions during routine joint military drills with South Korea. In response, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the U.S. has both the capability and willingness to defend its interests in the region. He called on North Korea to put its people first by ending its, quote, "bellicose rhetoric," abandoning its nuclear program and living up to its international obligations. Earnest spoke to reporters as President Barack Obama flew to Florida for an event. CBS News correspondent Margaret Brennan says top U.S. officials have classified this as a "serious provocation phase" by Pyongyang, and concerns are focused on the prospect of Nor