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4 Fatally Shot in Upstate New York; Police hunt for the Killer

Officials said that Mr. Myers shot at officers from a building in Herkimer, N.Y. They did not offer a motive for the shootings. HERKIMER, N.Y. — The first sign of trouble was a fire, which sent acrid smoke billowing above the village of Mohawk in upstate New York shortly after 9 a.m. on Wednesday.  As firefighters made their way to battle the blaze, the police said, the man who set the fire made his way to a barbershop in the heart of the village and shot four people with a shotgun, killing two customers and critically wounding two others. He then drove a mile to a carwash in neighboring Herkimer and shot and killed two more people, the police said, before fleeing and setting off a manhunt. The police discovered the suspect’s car near a building on Main Street here around 1 p.m., but as they converged on the site, the suspect opened fire, sending officers diving for cover and setting the stage for a tense standoff that remained unresolved as of early evening. Busin