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$860M overcharges

$860M overcharges, The award that has been years in the making was handed down in Cleveland this week. Ohio employers who dealt with an alleged $860 million in overcharges from the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation are happy with the ruling from a judge. WKYC reported the details on March 20. The case ties to the allegations that the BWC overcharged employers for nearly a decade when it came to Ohio's insurance fund for injured workers. Approximately 270,000 small-business owners were said to have been affected and it seems many don't even know they're impacted by the class action. The lead plaintiff, Earl Stein, claims that the BWC never denied the $860 million in overcharges, though there has been debate about the exact amount involved. Stein says that with the judgment, many Ohio jobs can be created as the money flows back to the businesses. Before the judgement, experts for the Bureau estimated that the overcharges were more in the neighborhood of $400 million.