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Brandi Glanville Denies Having Sex at Kyle Richards party

Brandi Glanville In regards to her sex life, Brandi Glanville has nothing to hide. In the March 18 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Faye Resnick accused the 40-year-old model of having sex in Kyle Richards' daughter's bathroom during the clothing store owner's annual white party. Glanville set the record straight on her official Bravo blog March 22. "Faye, Faye, Faye. I think that she just makes things up in her head to get camera time. I wasn't found naked in a bathroom in any way, shape or form. I simply had a 10-second, fully clothed makeout session with a hot man," the single mother of two wrote March 22. "The only person that walked in was [Lisa Vanderpump] and she pulled me out of the bathroom by my ear like a good mum." The Drinking & Tweeting author added that she "dated that hot man for six months after 'bathroom gate'" and they are still close friends. "In fact, he is my real estate agent!