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$250,000 subway typo: Over 80,000 Maps misprints

$250,000 subway typo: Over 80,000 Maps misprints A $250,000 subway typo is causing some major issues for the New York transit authority today. On March 9, the New York Post reported that brand new signs had to be taken down and thrown away after someone realized that the fare amounts on them were incorrect. This is costing a lot of money for the MTA and it caused major mayhem this week when workers were urgently ordered to stop distributing the maps. "They’re very embarrassed about this. They were frantically calling the booths trying to get these maps back," a transit source said. Apparently the Transit Workers Union Local 100 made the mistake, and printed over 80,000 maps with the wrong information on them. The $250,000 subway typo won't be rectified until later this week. According to the report, new maps won't be distributed until March 15. Many people have the maps containing the wrong information and they may get a surprise when they learn that the fares li