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Capriati arrest warrant: Tennis player Jennifer Capriati charged?

Capriati arrest warrant A Jennifer Capriati arrest warrant is being pursued today by the Police Department of North Palm Beach, Gossip Extra reported this Friday, March 8. According to sources, former women’s tennis champ Jennifer Capriati has a warrant out for her arrest and may be charged with both stalking and battery following a Valentine’s Day “incident.” Under the headline, “Arrest warrant sought for ex-tennis champ, Jennifer Capriati”, a police report revealed that the past winner of a French Open and two Australian Opens met up with an ex-boyfriend at the Oxygen Health and Fitness gym — and the meeting was not a good one. Capriati and her former flame Ivan Brannan allegedly had a “serious argument” by the men’s locker room, and Capriati then reportedly punched Brannan several times in the chest. A yoga instructor on site added that following the Capriati arrest warrant headline this week, the tennis champ did in fact hit Brannan and tried to intervene before Brannan ran