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Keith Olbermann: Settlement $50 Million Current TV Lawsuit Comes To An End

Keith Olbermann and his former employer reportedly settled a $50 million lawsuit out of court on Tuesday, multiple outlets reported. The broadcaster sued Current TV for $50 million after the progressive network fired him one year ago. Current TV countersued, arguing that Olbermann's lawsuit was "riddled with falsehoods." Settlement specifics were not disclosed, however a source told Deadline that Olbermann will receive a "a significant payout from Current." Current TV founder Al Gore recently sold the network to Al Jazeera for a reported $500 million. The Doha-based broadcaster plans to use the channel to launch Al Jazeera America. The network has been searching for office space in New York, the city from which the channel will be based. Most recently, Al Jazeera looked at the former New York Times building on 43rd St. As for Olbermann, the broadcaster has been reportedly eyeing a return to the anchor seat at the network that made him famous—ESPN. The New York

Republicans resumes effort to repeal Obamacare

Rep. Paul D. Ryan says his forthcoming budget proposal will include repeal of "Obamacare," as his party calls it. WASHINGTON – Republicans in Congress are renewing their political assault on the nation’s new healthcare law, trying to repeal President Obama's signature domestic achievement as part of the next battle over the federal budget. Rep. Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin, last year's Republican vice presidential nominee, said Sunday his forthcoming budget proposal will include repeal of "Obamacare," as his party calls it. That position puts tea-party conservatives at odds with others in the GOP who want to find common ground with Obama on the nation's fiscal woes after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the health law. In the Senate, conservatives will press for a vote this week to delay funding for the health law as part of a bill that must pass to keep the government running beyond March 27. "We say we get rid of 'Obamacare,' " Rya

Army of lawyers gets ready to face off against BP

One of the greatest legal circuses on the planet - the trial of BP in the extent of their responsibility for that 2010 Gulf coast of florida oil spill - is scheduled to start in New Orleans on Monday, featuring 34 leading lawyers inside jam-packed federal court and countless others playing video feeds in rooms nearby. There will be 400 minutes of opening arguments from 11 parties, including the Justice Department. Their email list of exhibits runs nearly a lot of pages, and lawyers up to now have filed 126 depositions and also the names of about 80 potential witnesses. The plaintiffs’ team has essentially built a full new firm, with 300 lawyers, paralegals and support staff committed to the truth. BP includes a similar battery of attorneys from four of the nation’s most prestigious firms. Settlement talks were underway over the weekend. The Wall Street Journal reported that federal and state officials were preparing a $16 billion offer to BP, but that figure is way more than any figur