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Teen Boy admits Kutcher prank: Ashton Kutcher hoaxes

Ashton Kutcher A 12-year-young teen boy was admitted to targeting Ashton Kutcher's home in a burglary prank. Law enforcement rushed to the star's Arrowhead Drive mansion after receiving a distress call from a person who claimed they were the victim of a violent home invasion robbery. The 'swatting' prank last October cost Los Angeles taxpayers more than $US10,000 ($12,000) in wasted police manpower and other resources. According to TMZ, the youngster "confessed to two felony counts in connection with swatting pranks [a deliberate attempt to trick an emergency service into dispatching a response team] against Ashton and a bank, including making a false report in an emergency and computer intrusion". The un-named boy was also charged with targeting pop superstar Justin Bieber, but did not admit to that count. A representative for the district attorney told TMZ the charge will likely be dismissed when he is sentenced. It was previously claimed that the boy