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Paris Hilton swatting, Fresh Victim

Paris Hilton swatting. Paris Whitney Hilton Aged 32 is an American heiress, socialite, television personality, businesswoman, fashion designer, entrepreneur, model, actress, producer, author and singer Paris Hilton has been swatted according to a report from TMZ on March 23. The 32-year-old was the target of the latest swatting incident that has become a common problem for Hollywood. Swatting involves someone making a prank call to the police and getting them to arrive at a celebrity’s home by claiming a crime is in progress. TMZ reports that sources have confirmed that Paris Hilton was swatted. Police arrived at her house and did not find any evidence of a crime. It appears that Paris was not at home because she has been tweeting from Miami. She now joins the list of swatting victims that includes Ashton Kutcher, Chris Brown, Clint Eastwood, Kris Kardashian and others. Hilton has not issued a statement about becoming a swatting victim. Instead, she has been attending the Ultra