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Killer Dolphins' Escape

'Killer Dolphins' Escape, is the Russian news agency RIA Novosti had quite a scoop Tuesday: "Three of the Ukrainian navy's 'killer' dolphins" have escaped their handlers during a training exercise, probably to go look for a mate. The source for this news of escaped military dolphins was "Ukrainian media," and RIA Novosti dutifully reports that "Ukraine's Defense Ministry denied the reports," but the dolphins-on-the-prowl story was mostly a set-up for the kicker........theweek. A reminder of RIA Novosti's sensational article from last fall that the Ukrainian navy's dolphins have been "trained to attack enemy combat swimmers using special knives or pistols fixed to their heads." The American and British media ran with it. "Killer secret-agent dolphins go AWOL in Ukraine," said the New York Daily News. "3 commando dolphins go AWOL in Crimea," reported USA Today. "Ukrainian 'killer&#