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Kristen Stewart Mother Jules starts Directorial Debut With K-11

If you've ever wondered where Kristen Stewart gets that charming edge from, just ask her mother! Seasoned Hollywood script-supervisor Jules Stewart makes her directorial debut with K-11, a gripping prison drama that's a far cry from her daughter's Twilight Saga blockbusters. "I can't watch Spider-Man anymore," Jules tells Us Weekly. "I just can't watch six variations of the same thing -- it just makes me a little crazy." Instead, Jules sought out to make a film that she hoped would make people think a little bit more about something unique and different. Set inside a section of the Los Angeles County Jail reserved for LGBT inmates, K-11 explores the politics of race and gender equality through Raymond Saxx (Goran Visnjik), a businessman who is forced to deal with violence, crooked cops and a manipulative transgendered inmate named Mousey (Kate Del Castillo) on his quest to escape K-11, all while piecing together how he ended up there in t