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Bieber may sue guests for talking on his house parties

Bieber may sue his own party guests if they try to leak and spill the beans about what goes on behind close doors. And according to TMZ , the amount one can be sued could be well into the millions. Because Justin Bieber is not only a major pop star, but a lightning rod for controversy and venom (a lot of which, admittedly, he brings onto himself with his bad-boy behavior), it’s no surprise that the “Believe” star is interested in having more control over his own narrative. But how can a young man who likes to party keep things a little more hush hush than they already are? By making his party guests sign NDA agreements. Yes, you read that right. Justin Bieber plans to make everyone who attends parties inside his home to sign an agreement to never divulge information about what goes on or what he does (or attempt to mischaracterize what goes on or lie about what Bieber does). And if one were to break the agreement by blabbing their mouth to their friends or, worse, to a popular publica