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George Clinton divorce

George Clinton divorce, behind P-funk groups Parliament and Funkadelic, has filed from divorce from his wife of 22 years, Stephanie Lynn Clinton. According to divorce documents filed in a Florida court and obtained by TMZ, Clinton and his wife were married in Toledo, Ohio, in 1990. Over the two decades of their marriage, the two “have experienced long term separation” and said the “marriage is irretriviably broken.” The couple have no children together and, according to the court documents, share no bank accounts or property. 2013 did not start off well for Clinton. Last month, the funk legend was forced to hand over the copyrights to four of his songs in order to pay off over $1 million he owed to former lawyers. Hendricks & Lewis law firm, who worked for Clinton from 2005 to 2008, won a $1.5 million lawsuit against him in 2010 after claiming that he failed to pay their fees. The firm later claimed that Clinton only paid $340,000, and a federal judge ordered that he hand

George Clinton divorce, Wife wants Alimony

George Clinton divorce, The divorce of Clinton is in the works, as TMZ reported that the funk legend filed for divorce from his wife of 23-years. However, TMZ reported on March 16 that his wife has said she wants alimony in her response to the documents. George Clinton filed the divorce documents in Florida and they state the couple married in 1990 but have been separated for a long term and their marriage is "irretrievable broken." It also states they have no children, no property together, and no bank accounts shared between the two. This looked to be an easy divorce because it is almost like they aren't married at all. View slideshow: George Clinton divorce Despite the fact they have allegedly been separated for a long time, Stephanie Clinton has disputed those claims. She also apparently disputed the fact that she doesn't deserve any financial reward in the divorce. Stephanie has asked for both temporary and permanent alimony and wants what she feels she is entit