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Maui flight diverted

A U.S. Airways flight early Tuesday morning had to make a stop in Honolulu when some issues on the plane were discovered. The Maui flight diverted after crew members discovered an issue with the pressurization and air conditioning kit. KITV shared the details on March 12. The redeye left Maui for Phoenix, but did not get very far when the problem was discovered and the Maui flight was diverted. The plane has two of the kits, and one was not functioning properly. The flight had 166 passengers on-board, and about half rebooked onto other flights while the other half were headed back out on a new flight Tuesday night. The airline says that turning the flight around was a cautionary decision by the crew, and luckily there were no significant worries in this case. The passengers may have been inconvenienced by a few hours or up to a day, but given the length of the flight, many were surely appreciative of the Maui flight diversion if the crew was concerned about the plane's performance