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Vegas arrests

Vegas arrests The term “Vegas arrests” began to trend on major search engines this week after ABC Local reported this Thursday, March 21, that almost 100 workers on the Las Vegas Strip were recently arrested for protesting in a demonstration against the Cosmopolitan casino. With the headline, “Vegas: 98 arrests in union protest on Strip at Cosmopolitan”, ABC News revealed that tourists watched the protest demonstration as police officials arrested 98 casino workers, all of whom seemed to be protesting over unresolved union contract issues.     “If we don’t’ get no contract, you don’t get no peace”, the workers chanted as they were led away by police. According to the report, the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas casino owner Deutsche Bank has been discussing contract terms with a Las Vegas union for almost two years. Although this isn’t the first time unrest has been made known among local workers, the peaceful protest and Vegas 98 arrests headline marks the first time that these union mem