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Nude beach shut down, only Weekdays

Nude beach shut down, Mazomanie beach will be closed due to illegal tête-à-têtes, drugs, The nude beach shut down of an infamous southern Wisconsin nude beach near Mazomanie is the result of decades of illicit sex and drug abuse at the beach. The video below reports about prior troubles at the Mazomanie nude beach. In 2011, within nine days, 26 people were arrested for illicit sex and 16 people were taken into custody for drugs, reported the Duluth News Tribune on March 19, 2013....examiner. For decades, nudists from around the country have been coming to the popular public nude beach to escape from the constraints of society. The public beach is located along the Wisconsin River near Mazomanie, about 25 miles northwest of Madison. After word spread that prosecutors in ultra-liberal Dane County would not go after any person who enjoys running around naked, nudists nationwide have made the beach their own mecca. Unfortunately, what was meant to be a natural and publi