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London goes to WAR with Sadiq's 'illegal' road schemes: Residents in five boroughs take fight to High Court over cycle-friendly 'Low Traffic Neighbourhoods' setup in lockdown

Residents in five London boroughs have taken the fight against cycle-friendly 'Low Traffic Neighbourhoods' to the high court. Sadiq Khan's controversial road scheme was this week ruled 'illegal' by a high court judge who said it was found to be 'seriously flawed'. Dozens of roads were closed and others narrowed to create new cycle lanes in the height of lockdown last year in an effort to encourage walking and cycling. But residents in Hackney, Ealing, Hounslow, Lambeth and Croydon have now launched a legal challenge to stop the road closures. The hearing on February 12 could be decisive in the battle between councils and motorists across the capital. Police and ambulance service said Low Traffic Neighbourhoods were preventing officers from chasing criminals and paramedics from reaching the sick Motorists vandalised traffic cameras and sent Labour councillors death threats, as the 'culture war' over road closures continued to escalate. Pictured, a roa

Almost 300,000 residents are put on high alert after coronavirus is detected in sewage water in Queensland despite the state going 12 days since its last locally-transmitted Covid-19 case

Almost 300,000 Queensland residents have been put on high alert after coronvirus particles were detected at three wastewater treatment plants across the state. Routine testing returned a positive result for viral fragments across the state in Townsville, Nambour and Rockhampton. Residents living in those areas have been warned to be 'alert but not alarmed'.  The warning comes just two weeks after Greater Brisbane was ordered into lockdown when a highly  infectious 'mutant' strain of the virus breached hotel quarantine. Up to 300,000 Queensland residents have been put on high alert after coronvirus particles were detected at three wastewater treatment plants across the state. Pictured: Townsville Queensland Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young has urged locals to get tested immediately if they start to display any COVID-19 symptoms - no matter how mild.  'If there is a case in the community, it is critical we detect it through our testing mechanisms as quickly as

Hero chef reveals terrifying moment terrorists stormed his hotel in 2008 Mumbai attacks as he and his staff risked their lives to save scores of guests - after initially mistaking gunmen for a FILM crew

A hero Indian chef who helped save the lives of scores of guests at his hotel during the 2008 Mumbai attacks has described the awful moment he was first told about a shooting - only to think it was a film shooting.  Hemant Oberoi and his staff formed a human barrier to shield their guests from the terrorists at the Taj Mahal hotel after Pakistani gunmen burst inside during a rampage which killed 166 people in the city.  Oberoi, the head chef, recalled how he had brushed off what he thought was news of a film crew standing outside one of his restaurants, only to be told: 'No sir, it's not that kind of a shooting'.  Speaking on the podcast Crisis? What Crisis, he told host Andy Coulson of how he had offered his staff the chance to flee, but all had stayed behind to help.  31 people including seven of Oberoi's staff lost their lives at the hotel, but many more people were saved thanks to what he described as the chefs' determination to help their guests.  'Somebody

Are pilotless planes the future for domestic flights? Passengers could travel on hydrogen-powered aircraft across Britain within five years under government-backed plans

Aircraft without pilots could be flying commuters to UK regional airports within a decade - possibly using hydrogen as fuel making them environmentally friendly.  British aircraft manufacturer Britten-Norman is working alongside technology company Bear Blue to first develop a semi-autonomous plane with just one pilot, followed by an aircraft with no humans on the flight deck.  The government has pledged £1.8 million to the project, which could see the first aircraft carrying passengers by the mid 2020s.  Aircraft manufacturer Britten-Norman is working with several high-tech companies to produce an autonomous version of its Islander aircraft as part of a government-funded scheme Britten-Norman are working with British company Blue Bear who are experts in autonomous flight systems  The Civil Aviation Authority, who regulate Britain's skies are currently working on guidelines for 'operations that present an equivalent risk to that of manned aviation'.  Aircraft manufacturer Br

Mystery surrounds the death of an Aussie surfer found on a Bali beach as detectives reveal he suffered cuts, bruises and a cracked skull - but an autopsy has been REFUSED

Mystery still surrounds the death of an Australian man on a Bali beach after his family refused to allow an autopsy. Police said the investigation is ongoing and there are signs of abrasions, bruises and a base skull fracture caused by blunt trauma. The lifeless body of former Perth man Taras Mulik was found on a Bali beach on January 11. Perth surfer Taras Mulik, 50, had been living in Bali when he was found. Mystery surrounds why his head showed signs of a base skull fracture caused by blunt trauma The body of Mr Mulik, a father-of-two, was discovered by a surfer lying face down under some stairs leading to Suluban Beach, South Kuta Mr Mulik rented a house not far from where his battered body was found in South Kuta Authorities at the scene where Mr Mulik's lifeless body was found face-down on Suluban beach While police have not ruled out foul play they say the cause of death has not been identified. The 50-year-old had been living in Bali, had a young family and was well known

Pariah-in-Chief: Donald Trump is $1bn in debt, an impeachment trial is due next week, criminal charges are possible – and he’s being abandoned by banks, cronies and even his Mar A Lago neighbours

There were still a few minutes left of Donald Trump’s troubled tenure as U.S. president, but his First Lady had had enough. When the pair disembarked from Air Force One at Palm Beach International Airport on Wednesday, Trump paused for one last photocall. His wife, however — who’d changed en route from a fitted suit and heels into a flowing Gucci kaftan and flats — barely broke her stride. She headed straight for the waiting limousine, leaving him to wave for the cameras and small crowd on his own. Melania, at least, knew that it was all over. For her, the departure from the White House may have come not a moment too soon. There were still a few minutes left of Donald Trump’s troubled tenure as U.S. president, but his First Lady had had enough But one can hardly say the same for her husband who, even now, has not fully conceded defeat in the 2020 election. The motorcade moved ‘unusually slowly’ as it took the Trumps to their glitzy $160 million Florida pleasure palace, Mar-a-Lago, perh

Father who vanished from sight while snorkelling with his wife and son is feared dead in a shark attack after his badly damaged wetsuit and fins were recovered and two great whites spotted nearby

A snorkeller is feared to have died in a shark attack after his fins and badly-damaged wetsuit were found close to where he went missing. Victorian father Duncan Craw, who would have turned 33 today, went missing in waters off Surfers Way near Port MacDonnell in South Australia's south-east while on a camping trip with family on Thursday afternoon. A damaged wetsuit and flippers, believed to belong to the missing father, were found by PolAir and Police Water Operations members on Friday morning. Victorian father Duncan Craw is thought to have been the victim of a shark attack on Thursday 'It's impossible to fully explain the hole this will leave behind in the lives of all the relatives and friends who love Duncan,' Mr Craw's family wrote in a statement. 'We wish this was all a bad dream. 'He was a cheerful, loving, helpful son. He was a kind and cheeky brother to his sisters. He was a fun-loving, mischievous and supportive mate who had a heart of gold. '

Dramatic moment wanted driver, 25, hurls bags of cocaine out of his car window before weaving down wrong side of road during high-speed police chase

Dramatic video shows a dangerous driver hurling bags of cocaine out of a car window in a high-speed police chase. Police spotted Shoaib Moeen, 25, who was wanted for failing to appear in court, driving in the busy Castle Boulevard area of Nottingham. Dashcam footage shows Moeen drive off in a Ford Focus at high speed at around 7.30pm on October 31 last year. This is the moment a Nottingham drug dealer dumped his supply from the window of his Ford Focus while trying to escape from police on October 31 last year Shoaib Moeen, 25, spent ten minutes trying to lose officers who were in hot pursuit  Moeen ignored red lights and regularly drove on the wrong side of the road in a bid to lose his pursuers  After 10 minutes, Moeen jumped out of his car and tried to escape from police on foot While weaving in and out of traffic, the yob can been seen throwing bags of drugs out of the car window. During a ten-minute chase, Moeen repeatedly drives on the wrong side of the road and ploughs through

'Making fun of immigrants is never in good taste': Actor Tim Matheson, 73, is slammed on Twitter for mocking Melania Trump by saying that it is 'wonderful to have a first lady that can speak English!'

Hollywood actor Tim Matheson apologized on Friday for posting a tweet mocking former First Lady Melania Trump's English-speaking abilities. The 73-year-old Matheson, who is best known for playing the prankster Otter in the 1978 cult hit film Animal House, was reacting to a news story on Twitter about Jill Biden, President Joe Biden's wife. 'So wonderful to have a First Lady with class and heart. And, can speak English!' Matheson wrote. The swipe at the Slovenian-born ex-first lady's English was met with harsh blowback on Twitter as angry responders accused the actor of xenophobia. Actor Tim Matheson (seen left in June 2018) was accused of racism and xenophobia on Friday after he posted a tweet mocking former First Lady Melania Trump's (seen right on Wednesday) accent 'So wonderful to have a First Lady with class and heart. And, can speak English!' Matheson wrote Matheson was responding to a news story about First Lady Jill Biden (seen above visiting the