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Florida manatee is found with 'TRUMP' carved into its back

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is searching for whoever is responsible for scraping the word 'Trump' onto a manatee's back in Florida. Manatees are endangered species and harassing one is a federal criminal offense.  The harassment of the manatee - which turned the slow-moving animal into a political billboard - was revealed in an underwater video on Monday, obtained by the Citrus County Chronicle.  A manatee was found swimming in a Florida river with the word 'TRUMP' etched onto its back The video shows thick, block letters spelling out 'Trump' on the manatee's back. The letters appear to have been scratched into the algae growing on the animal's back. The algae that grows on manatees is thought to help protect the animals, by helping to block out harmful UV rays from the sun, according to  It's unclear if the manatee could have been injured while the graffiti was scratched onto its back. It's also unknown when or where the

Alabama's Republican governor calls for primary to get rid of rep Mo Brooks after he told MAGA rally 'today is the day American patriots start taking down names and kicking ass' before mob stormed Capitol

Alabama's Republican Gov. Kay Ivey suggested Rep. Mo Brooks deserved a primary challenger for his role in riling up President Donald Trump's supporters Wednesday before they barged into the Capitol Building.  'If the people of the 5th District believe their views are not properly represented, they need to express their disappointment directly to Rep. Brooks and, if necessary, hold him accountable at the ballot box,' Ivey said, according to CNN. 'He does not speak for all Republicans - much less all Alabamians.'  Brooks had appeared at the morning's 'Save America March' as a warm-up act to Trump and told the MAGA crowd, 'today is the day American patriots start taking down names and kicking ass.'      A watchdog group wants the Office of Congressional Ethics to look into Rep. Mo Brooks, an Alabama Republican who called on the crowd at the 'Save America Rally' to 'fight' in the moments leading up to the Capitol Hill siege  Alaba

Fury as care home bosses boast after having vaccine first... while residents and frontline staff have to wait

Care home bosses ignited fury after boasting online about being vaccinated – while residents and frontline staff are forced to wait. Relatives are angry that seemingly healthy executives – one of whom is just 40 – have received their jab while their loved ones remain at risk. In one case, the leader of one of Britain's biggest care providers was vaccinated before Christmas, despite not visiting any homes during the pandemic. Controversial: Hayden Knight, above, is given his vaccine Dr Pete Calveley is given his vaccination  Just 14 per cent of frontline carers have so far received a jab even though the Government says its 'top priority' is to get staff and residents in care homes vaccinated first. The Mail can reveal three chief executives, in charge of more than 300 care homes between them, have posted photos of themselves on social media being vaccinated since Christmas. There is no suggestion of any wrongdoing because it is 'up to care home providers how they priorit

'Man in his 20s is shot dead' outside supermarket in South Yorkshire sparking huge police response

A man was 'gunned down' outside a supermarket in South Yorkshire tonight as witnesses describe a huge police response. Police received reports of a shooting outside a Farmfoods shop in Mexborough, Doncaster, just before 5pm this evening. Onlookers described scenes of 'chaos' as paramedics desperately tried to save a man in his 20s - who is understood to have died at the scene. Witnesses told how armed officers descended on the area earlier tonight but South Yorkshire police have not revealed what happened nor whether the victim survived. A man was 'gunned down' outside a supermarket in South Yorkshire tonight as witnesses describe a huge police response. Pictured: Police at the scene in Mexborough Forensics officers were seen combing the street outside the supermarket for evidence this evening as the area remained condoned off.   South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue officers and Yorkshire Ambulance Service paramedics also attended the scene. A South Yorkshire Polic

Hacker archives ALL of Parler's deleted posts, photos and videos and says they provide 'very incriminating' evidence in wake of the deadly mob attack at the US Capitol

Twitter user @donk_enby says she has obtained files from the site complete with GPS metadata to show exactly where they were taken A hacker claims to have archived all of Parler's deleted posts and says they provide 'very incriminating' evidence in the wake of the deadly mob attack at the US Capitol.  Parler went offline shortly after 3am EST Monday after Amazon booted the platform off its web hosting service, effectively shutting the site down until it can find a new hosting partner or fund its own servers.  It had already vanished from the Apple and Google app stores after they cut ties with the right wing platform.    Now Twitter user @donk_enby says she has obtained files from the site complete with GPS metadata to show exactly where they were taken. That could prove helpful for law enforcement looking into the DC riot.  She told Gizmodo how she started with the aim of archiving every post since the Capitol riot on January 6. But when it emerged the site would be scrubb

EXCLUSIVE: Ivanka has bust up with her dad over her plan to go to Biden's inauguration so she would 'come across as a good sport' and save her 'political career' - which Donald said was the 'worst decision she could make'

Ivanka Trump had plans to attend Joe Biden's inauguration on January 20 - much to her father's chagrin, according to a White House insider, in order to save her aspiring political career as the White House plunges further into chaos and is being dubbed a 'circus on steroids. 'Ivanka is worried that her promising political career is in jeopardy and she's doing whatever she can to save her reputation,' the source says. But President Trump was up in arms about Ivanka's decision. 'He said it's an insult that she would even want to engage with the crooks that are trying to bring him down,' says the insider, adding that Trump said the family must stand together and put on a united front.  'The president told his daughter that her presence at the inauguration will cost her thousands of supporters and would be the worst decision she could ever make,' they say.   Ivanka was convinced that by attending Biden's inauguration she would come acros