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Moment man climbs onto the wing of an Alaskan Airlines plane moments before take-off, walks around and then plummets onto the tarmac in Las Vegas

A man in Las Vegas was taken into custody on Saturday after climbing upon the wing of an Alaska Airlines plane set to depart from McCarran International Airport. In video posted on social media, a man can be seen walking on the wing of the airplane on Saturday afternoon around 1:30pm local time. The man, who has not yet been identified, appears to be without his socks and shoes as he tries to climb up the vertical winglet of the Boeing 737 plane. Police officers are seen both on the ground and then on the wing of the plane trying to reach the man, who suddenly slips on the winglet and crashes down hard against the tarmac, where officers quickly close in. Scroll down for video   Twitter user Erin Evans captured much of the incident while inside her departing plane An unidentified man was caught on the wing of an Alaska Airlines plane in Las Vegas The man appeared to be acting erratically as police officers tried to get him to come down Twitter user Erin Evans captured the shocking inc

Barr dismisses Trump's tweets as 'the deposed king ranting' and 'isn't scared' by President calling him a 'big disappointment' for keeping the Hunter Biden tax probe secret until after the election, report claims

Attorney General Bill Barr has dismissed Donald Trump's attacks as a 'deposed king ranting' and said that he 'isn't intimidated' by the president calling him a 'big disappointment' over the Hunter Biden tax probe, according to a source.   Trump lashed out at Barr on Twitter Saturday morning demanding to know why he didn't reveal the investigation into President-elect Joe Biden's son before the election and retweeting a post calling for the firing of the DOJ's top boss.  His fury came after it emerged on Wednesday that the Justice Department had been investigating Hunter Biden over his business dealings and taxes leading up to the election but did not make the probe public.   But, according to a source, Barr is unequally as unimpressed with Trump and is just riding out his time left until they both leave office.    Attorney General Bill Barr has dismissed Donald Trump's attacks as a 'deposed king ranting' that are 'irrelevant t

Matt Hancock considers SPLITTING London into different Tiers to keep the West End open while hitting worst-hit areas with tough restrictions

London's Tory MPs have urged Boris Johnson not to inflict 'untold damage' on the capital by moving it into a tier 3 lockdown this week. In a letter seen by The Mail on Sunday, the MPs urge the Prime Minister to spare the capital because shutting it down would hurt not just Londoners, but 'people across the nation' who depend on the 'wealth and prosperity generated by our great city'. A decision on whether to plunge London into the highest lockdown before Christmas was going to the wire this weekend, with a row brewing with Ministers after police and local councils objected to plans to divide London into different tiers. With the capital's businesses saying tier 3 would deliver a £3 billion hit to the economy, Ministers including Michael Gove have suggested that only the outer London boroughs with the highest infection rates should go in to the top tier. Health Secretary Matt Hancock is also understood to be considering splitting the worst-hit parts of th

Prime suspect in disappearance of a glamorous escort is cleared of assaulting a flatmate who later died in a fiery house explosion

Gavin Owen Samer is the main suspect in the 1994 disappearance of model turned escort Revelle Balmain. He is pictured in 2018 A chef with no history of violence was 'unfortunate' to be publicly linked to the disappearance of a prostitute and the death of his flatmate in a house fire. Gavin Owen Samer was named two decades ago as a suspect in the 1994 presumed murder of 22-year-old Sydney model and escort Revelle Balmain. He had also shared an apartment with pensioner Rosa Rosenberg, 52, before she was killed in an explosion in their former home in January.  Samer has never been charged in relation to Ms Balmain's disappearance but was convicted of assaulting Ms Rosenberg late last year. That conviction was overturned in the New South Wales District Court on Wednesday by a judge who found there was insufficient evidence Samer had physically harmed Ms Rosenberg. Judge Siobhan Herbert also removed a 12-month community corrections order and $500 fine imposed on Samer for intim

Pfizer prepares to start shipping vaccines TODAY as the US hits record COVID hospitalizations for the seventh day: Maps show how ICU beds are filling up across the country as 108k patients are admitted and cases top 16million ahead of the rollout

Pfizer Inc has revealed that the first COVID-19 vaccine supplies are being prepared to ship from the company’s Kalamazoo, Michigan site on Sunday as officials confirmed they will reach hospitals and other sites across the United States by Monday morning.  The announcement came as the number of Americans hospitalized with COVID-19 reached a record high for the seventh straight day on Saturday as the nation's total cases rose over 16 million.  There are now 108,487 COVID-19 patients in hospitals across the United States, according to the COVID-19 Tracking Project, placing even further strain on the county's already struggling intensive care units.  Hospitalizations have risen from 101,487 since December 6.  On Saturday, California set a record for the most new daily cases reported in any state as 223,365 new cases were reported nationwide.  Daily deaths dipped for the second day from 2,749 to 2,477. However, earlier this week, the US recorded more than 3,000 daily deaths for the

MyPillow CEO accuses Fox News of trying to 'overthrow the Trump administration' during Stop the Steal rally address

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has accused Fox News of trying to overthrow Donald Trump and claimed they were 'in on it' as he repeated the president's claims that the Democrats were trying to 'steal' the election. Lindell spoke at the 'Stop the Steal' rally attended by thousands of Trump supporters in Washington D.C. on Saturday. During his speech, Lindell claimed the battle over the election was 'a spiritual warfare in our country and in the world.' He also parroted Trump's claims of election fraud resulting in Joe Biden's presidential victory, saying 'it's of epic proportions that this election was stolen.' Scroll down for video MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has accused Fox News of trying to overthrow Donald Trump and claimed they were 'in on it' as he repeated the president's claims that the Democrats were trying to 'steal' the election Mike Lindell was one of the many speakers during 'Stop the Steal' on S