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Google: Heading tags is a strong signal

 John Mueller of Google says the heading tags send out a clear signal about the content. He followed his response with a solid confirmation about the significance of entering tags for position. Which Heading Tag You Utilize Does Not Matter So Much At a Webmaster Central hangout, a person asked whether it mattered when a webpage utilized an H2 heading label rather than an H1. "A page with no H1 name will it rank for keywords, that's from the H2 name?" Google's John Mueller explained that the webpage could rank no matter that going element was utilized. Mueller's response: "Obviously. ...Can it ? I really don't know whether it'll nevertheless but it can. It may absolutely." What is interesting about that announcement about headings as rank variables is that websites can rank well in Google without going tags. Anyone who is done competitor studies have seen these. This gives the impression that perhaps heading tags are not a ranking variable or not

Barack Obama is supposedly suspicious of the 2020 White House run by Joe Biden

 Barack Obama openly endorsed presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden -- but has independently expressed grave concerns regarding his former veep's 2020 White House run, a report stated. "Do not underestimate Joe's capacity to f--k up things," the president told an unnamed Democrat, who informed Politico concerning the dialogue -- allegedly reflective of a strained history between them both. Former Obama Administration officials painted the connection too hot and really near -- but filled with anxiety over the gap involving Biden's old-school backslapping and Obama's hyper-prepared wonkiness, the socket reported. "You can certainly see technocratic eye-rolling sometimes," according to former White House communications manager Jen Psaki, that remembered other aides chortling in Biden's regular gaffes and too little discipline. That mindset led to Obama's choice to rear Hillary Clinton for the celebration's 2016 nomination over Biden. &quo

Black Dwarfs collapsing Can be the 'only fascinating thing to happen in the Universe'

Nowadays, scientists think about that the heat-death of this world to function as whimper, but a brand new theoretical analysis predicts that the cosmos will breathe its final gasp in the kind of bursting black dwarfs. Black dwarfs are the suspended clusters of white dwarfs, which themselves would be the remnants of low-mass celebrities. The sole author of this analysis, astrophysicist Matt Caplan in Illinois State University, claims that these explosions will probably be "the final interesting thing to take place in the world," since he clarified within an ISU press launch. The world could wind in any variety of manners , however the present best guess is that it will continue to expand extended after everything within it's been ripped to shreds, such as galaxies, solar systems, stars, as well as atoms. From the time black dwarfs are put to popup, the world will be "dead and cold," Caplan wrote in an email to me personally. "The growth of the world is goin

NASA shows best images of Mars orbiter from the last 15 years

These made the cut of top Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter photos including a dust devil, an asteroid, a moon and a crater. NASA's Mars rovers may be glamorous attention-getters, however they've a quieter sibling at the martian heavens. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) abandoned Earth 15 decades back on Aug. 12. NASA celebrated the anniversary this week by highlighting a number of these spacecraft's best images of this red planet. Mars does not have the blues. A number of MRO's images look in clearly un-martian colours as a result of using false colour, an image processing technique which assists particular details stick out. This crater is 100 ft (30 meters) in diameter and is just one of several remarkable craters located on Mars. The thin Martian air does not burn meteors exactly the exact same manner Earth does. The Mars Color Imager takes fisheye pictures, the Context Camera slides the top in black and white along with also the High-Resolution Imaging Science Exper

NASA official Could face criminal Identification to Get contact Boeing

These discussions happened early this season, through a short period when NASA had been taking bids to build a Human Landing Program for the Artemis Moon Program. "Mr. Loverro, that was not a part of NASA's official contracting team, advised Mr. Chilton the Chicago aerospace giant was going to be removed from the contest based on technical and cost tests," the report says, citing anonymous sources. "Within days, Boeing filed a revised proposal" Loverro resigned from NASA at mid-May, a couple weeks later NASA awarded three Individual Genome Systems contracts: $579 million to a group headed by Blue Origin, $253 million into Dynetics, and $135 million into SpaceX. Boeing and another bidder didn't get awards. Although this news story brings fresh info regarding the criminal investigation, it doesn't offer much extra detail beyond the broad outlines of what has been known later Loverro stepped in May 2020. Some vital questions remain. Numerous sources have st

Vaccine Manufacturers including Moderna must Reach U.S. timing Targets for Complete payments

America is linking obligations for COVID-19 vaccines to time milestones for endorsement and production, in accordance with public records and a Trump government official, placing stress on drugmakers such as Moderna Inc to satisfy ambitious targets. In a bargain with Moderna declared this week, national agencies negotiated a sliding scale of payments. It receives $1.2 billion, even in case it falls short of the time objective. Moderna additionally receives $600 million when it could demonstrate it's assembled out industrial-scale manufacturing capacities for its vaccine, even if this occurs before the medication is approved by authorities, the figures reveal. U.S. government obligations to other drugmakers will also be conditional on launch clinical trials no more than early autumn and construction out fabricating capacities by the end of the calendar year, two senior government officials told Reuters, adding terms varied by business. The deal provisions add monetary risk for the d

Inmate dies at Southern Oregon prison after testing positive for COVID-19

An inmate of the Snake River Correctional Institution in Southern Oregon Expired after having tested positive for COVID-19. The man was between 60 and 70 years old. The medical examiner will determine the man's official cause of death, according to the DOC. No additional details, including the guy's name or when he tested positive, were released. In a release Friday reporting the inmate's death, the DOC summarized COVID-19-related safety measures in place at Oregon prisons, including the constant cleaning and disinfecting of the associations, health screening processes until staff can enter the amenities and no people allowed at the prisons. Additionally, the DOC requires employees and inmates to wear masks if they can not keep 6 ft of social distancing, and masks are mandatory in health services regions, a few workspaces and in food service areas. The Oregon Department of Corrections previously reported an in-custody death between an inmate who tested positive for COVID-19

As more children are diagnosed with COVID-19, will MIS-C instances grow?

"Our biggest challenge is that we do not have some means of predicting how poor MIS-C will be," one infectious disease swimmer told TODAY. While much remains unknown about children as well as the coronavirus, in this point we do understand that instances of COVID-19 in children are climbing . And this might cause more instances of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in kids, or MIS-C, the mystical and occasionally deadly disease in a small segment of children infected with the coronavirus. First reported in April and May, the rare illness can lead to inflammation of body components , such as organs, in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In some children, it may cause organ failure and other life-threatening ailments. Frequent indications of MIS-C include nausea, stomach pain, nausea, nausea, throat pain, rash, and bloodshot eyes or feeling extra tired. MIS-C remains amazingly rare, experts worry. However, with a few schools reopening in person, prob

The Additional $600 in Yearly unemployment benefits Died -- but gig Employees and Self Explanatory Americans still qualify for Gains

Self-employed and gig employees can amass state-level unemployment benefits through the end of the year beneath the CARES Act For the very first time throughout the ordeal, weekly jobless claims dipped under 1 million, but there are probably many more Americans who qualify for unemployment benefits who did not apply. Though the federally-funded $600 per week in improved unemployment benefits, which was part of the CARES Act, died on July 31, these kinds of employees can still amass state-level unemployment benefits through the end of the year. This nuance might have been lost in translation if the $600 advantage died, stated Michele Evermore, a senior policy analyst at the National Employment Law Project, an advocacy organization focused on employees' rights. "There is certainly a possibility that the reduction of this $600 is altering lien behavior," she said, which means jobless workers may have erroneously assumed that they'd no longer qualify for unemployment bene

'The worst Drop from a General health Standpoint': CDC Manager warns of Double Danger of COVID-19 and Influenza

"You do these four items, it is going to bring down this outbreak," Redfield said. "However, if we do not do this, as I mentioned last April, this might be the worst drop in the public health standpoint we have ever had." I Redfield said his main concern is a joint wave of 2 viruses, the book coronavirus and the influenza, hitting Americans throughout the worst public health crisis in years. "We are likely to get flu in the autumn, and one of these by themselves may stress certain hospital programs," Redfield said. "I have seen hospital intensive care units elongate by a serious flu season, and obviously, we have seen it lately with COVID." The CDC manager also emphasized the need for people to find a flu vaccine. "By becoming that flu vaccine, then you might be able to negate the requirement to have to take a hospital mattress. As of Aug. 14, the amount of supported COVID-19 deaths from the USA stood in more than 167,000 and supported cases

Donald Trump keeps beating 'universal' mail voting. But few nations are likely that in November

WASHINGTON -- as he unleashes a barrage of attacks on voting by email, President Donald Trump has warned that "worldwide" mail-voting presents the biggest threat to get voter fraud and danger to democracy. But just eight states and the District of Columbia so much plan to maintain worldwide mail-in elections -- where ballots are sent to all registered Republicans without even having to request one. With ancient mail-voting place to start as early as September in certain nations, election experts say it is unlikely many more nations would have enough time to make that change. A coronavirus pandemic relief package passed by House Democrats would need countries to mail absentee ballots to registered voters but it's gained no traction in the Senate and discussions about the help bill are postponed. Rather, most nations are getting ready to earn email ballots a choice available by request. That includes several countries encouraging the method through the pandemic by mailing a

WWE SmackDown results, recap, grades: Braun Strowman 's assault on Alexa Bliss ends in inconsistent show

 Strowman 's relationship with The Fiend has altered absolutely With only two versions of SmackDown to go before the pay-per - view of the WWE SummerSlam, Friday night's show saw conflicting attention on ongoing Revenge attacks and the ongoing problems between universal champion Braun Strowman and "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt. The result was an unbalanced and chaotic series that ended with Strowman assaulting longtime friend and former mixed tag partner Alexa Bliss on a shocky note. Strowman came to the ring in the final segment of the show to demand that The Fiend come to the ring to face him, only to be confronted by Bliss, who had been attacked and taken over by The Fiend two weeks ago. Bliss requested that Strowman snap all that was wrong with him —And whatever made him claim last week that he "don't give her a damn" — before slapping him. Strowman lifted Bliss above her head as The Fiend teased to show up as the lights started to go out all over the build

JoJo Fletcher will stand in on The Bachelorette for Chris Harrison while he is in quarantine

 Just when you think this series is over, it shocks us: Chris Harrison will be replaced as host for the first time in Bachelorverse history. On August 11, at Texas Christian University, Harrison dropped off his son, a big boy he's very proud of, and now the host has to move away from The Bachelorette's filming season 16 while quarantining for 14 days. JoJo Fletcher, a former bachelorette, will fill in as host. A source told Us Weekly, "The moment he got back, Chris was told he couldn't put his foot back on the set before he went through another 14-day quarantine," adding, "The show's contestants and crew all had to quarantine on the property for 14 days before rolling the shutter. But it didn't dawn on Chris if he just left to take his kid to college, he would have to do it all over again. "Silly Chris, a production at La Quinta Resort & Club in La Quinta, California, isn't going to grind to a halt so you can give your kid a brave good-by

Buckingham Palace shares princess Anne 's latest pictures ahead of her 70th birthday

  The only daughter of Queen Elizabeth is said to celebrate her birthday in a rather low-key way Princess Anne turns 70 on Saturday and Buckingham Palace has released some new pictures of the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth ahead of her special day. In the first image shared with the official Twitter account of the royal family, Anne is pictured wearing a green outfit as she stares into the mirror. Anne — wearing a plaid flannel and jeans — stands in front of a tree in a second photo and looks off into the distance. MEGHAN MARKLE Looks AT THE US DURING Civil UNREST According to the tweet the pictures were taken by John Swannell back in February at Anne 's home in Gatcombe Park. According to Anne's son-in - law, Mike Tindall — he 's married to Anne 's daughter, Zara — the family had intended to mark the birthday of his mother-in - law in Scotland but because of the coronavirus pandemic alternative plans had to be made. QUEEN ELIZABETH 'S BIRTHDAY MARKED By SMALLER C

Miley Cyrus Talks Adoption, Divorcing Liam Hemsworth and Coping With 'Death'

 Miley Cyrus dishes on the roller coaster, the trauma-filled "period of self-realization" of the last few years and how she's emerging stronger. The 27-year-old singer opened up in a series of new interviews promoting her latest music about everything from making her house burn down and the prospect of adopting kids, to her heavily scrutinized divorce from Australian actor Liam Hemsworth and what she is searching for in her next partner. Since dating on and off for a decade, Cyrus and Hemsworth tied the knot in December 2018 but the actor filed for divorce from Cyrus nearly a year ago. "I had a very public, very large breakup that was over a 10-year span of a relationship," she said, while discussing how she copes on the Call Her Daddy podcast with heartbreak. "I'm very logical, very structured and I love lists. I have a list per day of, 'What do I want? How do I achieve this? What is the next move, then? And I tried not to get lost in the feeling,

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new $14M California home

 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle purchased a stunning, multimillion-dollar estate in Montecito, California — with nine bedrooms and 16 bathrooms, Page Six can reveal. Sussex's Duke and Duchess paid $14,650,000 for the 18,000-square-foot home featuring rose gardens, centuries-old olive trees, a tennis court, a tea house, children's cottage and a pool. It also comes complete with a guest house with two tents, ideal for Doria, Markle's mum. After the couple took legal action at their LA rental home against photographers for violating their privacy, there's no way anyone will get into their new gated and safe house. As we've announced, they intend to make this the perfect home for their 1-year-old son, Archie, and any future kids. A source denied Prince Charles, as rumored, had borrowed the cash from the Sussexes for their home. The source stressed: "Finally, Meghan and Harry feel like they're on their own, and that feels great. Without help from his family, the

In a simulated dogfight, a US Air Force F-16 pilot will take on an AI opponent, and you can watch him live

 A US Air Force pilot will take on an AI adversary in simulated dogfight next Thursday as part of DARPA 's final AlphaDogfight Trials competition. Eight teams will compete during the three-day competition, pitting their AI algorithms against other virtual air combat programs to decide which one will go head-to - head with a seasoned F-16 pilot. Interested viewers will register before the Monday deadline to watch the event live here. For more stories visit the homepage of Business Insider. An experienced US Air Force F-16 pilot will do battle in a simulated dogfight with an artificial intelligence adversary next week, and it will be broadcast live to registered viewers. The Agency for Advanced Research Projects in Defense (DARPA) runs its third and final AlphaDogfight competition from August 18 to August 20. During the case, AI algorithms from eight teams will participate in "simulated maneuvering of air combat within visual range, regarded colloquially as a dogfight," DAR

Facebook offers 'online paying activities' free of charge for SMBs and others

The latest all-in-one application, the company said, will be free for at least one year. Facebook aims to help SMEs overcome the COVID crisis – and make money. The company revealed $100 M in cash grants and ad credits for SMBs a couple of months ago. Earlier, Facebook Shops were launched to support SMBs sell online. And today it launched a new program to monetize online classes and activities called, by the way, "paying online events." Potentially mighty new web. Paid online events is basically a free commodity that enables "businesses, developers, educators, and media outlets" to set up paid events or classes online and retain 100 percent of the money themselves — except on iOS, where event organizers have to give up the 30 percent "App-Store fee," as Facebook calls it. The bid is self-contained: all are compensated for the hosting, marketing, ticket sales and payment processing. Businesses, authors, designers and educators will be able to decide whether

NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission aims for an asteroid landing

Last week the spacecraft OSIRIS-REx performed a final review of all the maneuvers it would need to touch down on the Bennu asteroid and obtain a sample from it in the fall. The sampling would take place on 20 October, making it the first NASA mission to collect a sample from an asteroid and return it to Earth. The OSIRIS-REx will depart Bennu in 2021 and return to Earth in September 2023 bringing about 30 packets of asteroid material worth of sugar. The NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has been circling the asteroid and mapping its surface since it arrived in December 2018. Bennu is 179 million miles from Earth but it is considered an asteroid near Earth. For even near approaches possible in 2175 and 2195, the asteroid could come close to Earth, near than the moon, in 2135. A direct impact is impossible, but the data obtained during this mission will help determine the best ways to avoid asteroids close to Earth. Bennu's samples will help scientists learn not only more about astero

Investigators interview ex-official of NASA, Boeing on contract space: sources

 The U.S. Justice Department has launched a criminal investigation into whether Boeing Co was given illegal instructions by the former head of human spaceflight at NASA during a lucrative lunar-lander contract competition, two people familiar with the matter said Friday. SPACEX AIR FORCE AWARDS AND ULA BILLIONS LAUNCH CONTRACTS The Justice Department submitted submissions to NASA, Boeing, and Doug Loverro, who oversaw the brquee space travel program of the agency before he unexpectedly resigned in May as part of a grand jury inquiry into the alleged breach of federal procurement laws, the sources said. Ticker   Security                    Last         Change Change % BA          BOEING COMPANY 178.08 +3.35 +1.92% During a blackout time for the Human Landing System competition, one of the sources said, prosecutors are concentrating on contact between Loverro and Boeing space executive Jim Chilton in late January, in the probe launched in June. Boeing and Loverro official

First COVID-19 vaccine volunteers in the United States describe their experience as Bay Area launches vaccine testing

 SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — As we first reported on ABC7 News, the AstraZeneca vaccine Phase 3 trial will begin this month in the Bay Area. It is one of six businesses that is part of Operation Warp Speed by the U.S. government to create a vaccine. The Department of Public Health in San Francisco is recruiting people to volunteer for the AstraZeneca trial, so to get an idea of what the participants may expect, ABC7 news reporter Kate Larsen talked to the first people ever injected with a trial vaccine in the United States. Jennifer, Neal, Ian and Judy are all participating in COVID-19 vaccine trials developed by Moderna and the federal government located in Massachusetts. Jennifer Haller, a Seattle native, was the first person in the U.S. to have the experimental vaccine administered on March 16. "I now look back with nostalgia at the time, and realize how important it really was," Haller said. Neal Browning was second in line for Phase 1 trial in the Seattle area. "There was

'Netflix Of China' iQiyi crashes 12 percent exposed on SEC Investigation

 In the after-hour session on Thursday, iQiyi, Inc. ( NASDAQ: IQ) shares fell more than 12 per cent as the company announced it was under investigation by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. What Happened: The Chinese video streaming company similar to Netflix Inc (NASDAQ: NFLX) said the SEC was looking for financial and operational documents from 1 January 2018, CNBC reported. The video streamer said that the federal agency has also demanded documentation related to acquisitions and investments listed in a study of Wolfpack Research dating from April. How It Matters: At the time, Wolfpack reported that since its initial public offering in 2018, iQiyi had been fudging user numbers. It inflated sales by up to $1.8 billion in 2019 alone, according to research firm Muddy Waters. The report was published days after Luckin Coffee Inc (OTC: LKNCY), a China-based coffee chain, acknowledged an exaggeration of sales figures in previous SEC filings by its chief operating office

Dow Jones Futures Predict Mixed Stock Market Rally; Tesla Eyes Key Resistance; SEC Probe Slams Three Chinese Stocks

 Dow Jones futures, along with the S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures, signaled a mixed open early Friday. Since the Nasdaq and S&P 500 nearly hit record highs, the coronavirus stock-market rally had a mixed session Thursday. Tesla shares and (AMZN) have defied all-time closing and Apple (AAPL) has closed in on a market cap landmark. After the close, iQiyi (IQ) Chinese streaming service tumbled after an SEC accounting investigation was revealed. The news has also reached the majority owner of iQiyi stock, Baidu (BIDU). GSX stock sold off, too. Also accused of accounting fraud was chinese online education provider GSX Techedu (GSX). Chip-equipment giant Applied Materials (AMAT) also posted earnings and guidance which were better than anticipated late Thursday. Early Friday AMAT stock rose 4 per cent. This more than balanced the 2.15 per cent decline in Applied Materials Thursday when several other stocks of semiconductors declined after a solid Wednesday. A big reason