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'We can be killed at any time': Afghan translators tell of their fear as UN report warns Taliban are plotting revenge against those who worked with the West 

Heroic Afghan translators last night told how they feared for their lives – as a UN report warned the Taliban are secretly plotting revenge against those who worked with the West. The interpreters blasted Dominic Raab's failure to make a critical phone call before the fall of Kabul as a 'betrayal'. They said the danger they faced was 'critical'. The Mail can reveal that at least six translators, who have already been granted sanctuary in the UK but had recently returned to bring their families to join them, are now stranded in Kabul in a red tape nightmare. Interpreters blasted Dominic Raab's failure to make a critical phone call before the fall of Kabul as a 'betrayal' Mr Raab rejected advice from his senior officials to call the Afghan foreign minister Haneef Atmar last Friday. He was in Greece on holiday, and within two days Kabul fell to the Taliban. One former translator, Rafi Hottak, 35, who is now in the UK, said: 'I'm shocked. How could s

'You could be hung and executed': Rabid anti-vaxxer who styles himself the 'vaccine police' livestreamed himself abusing Walmart pharmacists for administering shots

A popular anti-vaxxer livestreamed on Facebook as he marched into a Missouri Walmart leading a small group of his followers to the pharmacy declaring that pharmacists could be hung for administering the vaccine. Christopher Key traveled from his home state of Alabama to attend an anti-vaccine rally in Springfield on Saturday. While he was in town, in addition to the Walmart stop, he went to a Springfield Public Schools board meeting and several other pharmacies spreading misinformation regarding COVID-19 and the vaccine. Key is a popular anti-vaxxer well known for sharing videos and posts of false narratives and data about the deadly virus and the vaccine. He falsely claims that 45,000 people died within days of receiving the shot, referencing an affidavit from America's Frontline Doctors - a group known for spreading misinformation. On Monday, he stormed into a Missouri Walmart wearing a 'vaccine police' get-up to put the corporation and its employees on notice for violati

R. Kelly forced teen virgin to go three days without using the bathroom and demanded she dress like a Girl Scout, alleged victim testifies - as defense accuses her of 'stalking' R&B star and asks why she didn't 'say no' to him

R. Kelly forced a 16-year-old virgin to go three days without using the bathroom and demanded she dress like a Girl Scout and wear her hair in pigtails during sex, the alleged victim told a New York court on day two of the star's federal sex abuse trial.   Jerhonda Pace, now 28, took the stand in Brooklyn's Federal District Court for a second day Thursday to testify about the six months of alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of Kelly, now 54, as a teenager.  Pace, who is heavily pregnant and only a few days from her due date, told jurors Kelly would often film their sexual encounters after they started having sex in 2009, when she was just 16 and he was 42.     The alleged victim had testified Wednesday that Kelly lured her to his Illinois mansion and was happy to learn she was a virgin because he wanted to 'train' her to please him sexually. She told the court how he soon started controlling her with his so-called 'Rob's rules', denying her from eating

Chicago man, 65, jailed for a year by 'fabricated' AI evidence caught COVID twice in lovckup and thought about ending his life before being freed

An innocent Chicago man held in jail for a year after the police department's ShotSpotter program incorrectly identified him as the gunman in a 2020 murder case said he caught COVID twice while in lockup and contemplated taking his own life before being released last month.   Michael Williams, 65, was arrested last August, accused of murdering Safarian Herring, 25, who asked Williams for a ride during a night of unrest over police brutality.  The Chicago Police Department said ShotSpotter - an artificial intelligence-powered hidden-microphone system that detects gunshots - indicated Williams had shot and killed the man inside his car.  Despite the lack of a motive, weapon or eye-witnesses, Williams was held in Cook County Jail, where he caught COVID twice and made plans to take his own life with a stockpiled stash of pills, he said.  But after a year, prosecutors found that Williams was in fact just driving Herring to the hospital after the young man was shot by unknown assailants,