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Jets defensive end Vinny Curry reveals he had his spleen removed after getting diagnosed with rare blood disorder and will miss the 2021 season

New York Jets defensive end Vinny Curry announced Wednesday he has a rare blood disorder that required his spleen to be removed and will miss the 2021 season.  The 33-year-old Curry wrote on Twitter and Instagram that Jets team doctors discovered the disorder last month, but he didn't specify the condition ailing him.  Curry said he was projected to return to the field in mid-September, but he developed blood clots and is taking blood thinners that prevent him from having physical contact for the next three to six months. New York Jets defensive end Vinny Curry announced Wednesday he has a rare blood disorder that required his spleen to be removed and will miss the 2021 season The 33-year-old Curry announced the news in posts on both Twitter and Instagram 'In July, the Jets doctors diagnosed me with a rare blood disorder,' he wrote. 'The diagnoses required the removal of my spleen and projected me to return to the field in the middle of September.  'During my recove

Man rescued thanks to DOLPHINS after 12-hour sea ordeal is revealed to be ‘Frostbit Boy’ – the viral video star who found fame in 2015 thanks to his comedically thick Irish accent

A man who was rescued thanks to dolphins after a 12-hour sea ordeal has been revealed as the 'Frostbit boy'.  Ruairí McSorley, 24, became stranded two and a half miles from shore in the icy waters of Tralee Bay and was rescued on Sunday in what an RNLI volunteer called a 'miracle'. He shot to fame in 2015 in a viral video, which gained more than 3.5million views in a few days, of him being interviewed as a teenager on his way to school making his way through snowy conditions.  His comedically thick Irish accent drew in masses of attention after the interview with UTV aired, in which he explained 'you wouldn't be long getting frostbit' in the hilarious clip.  The Irish Independent revealed the swimmer's identity on Wednesday and explained he is feeling '100%' after the scary ordeal.     Ruairí McSorley, 24, became stranded two and a half miles from shore in the icy waters of Tralee Bay and was rescued on Sunday in what an RNLI volunteer called a

Dozens of California students and parents are stranded in Afghanistan after taking summer trip to visit extended families in the war torn country - then becoming TRAPPED after the Taliban takeover

An estimated 24 students enrolled in the California Cajon Valley Union School District and 16 parents are stranded in Afghanistan after taking a trip to visit extended family in the warzone.   The families, from the El Cajon area near San Diego, are among thousands of Americans still trapped in Afghanistan following a rapid Taliban takeover of the country on the heels of the US pulling out after a 20-year occupation.   'Several of our families over summer break independently decided to go home to Afghanistan and see their extended family. A lot of the families, their nuclear families are here, but all their grandparents and everybody are still in Afghanistan,' said Mike Serban, director of the school board's  Family and Children Engagement program, which assists the district's many refugee families, according to CBS8. 'They're still in Afghanistan trying to find their way to the airport or on an airplane', he said.  Fairdoon Hashemi and Mohammad Sarfarez, b

Capitol cop who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt on January 6 WILL reveal his identity for the first time during interview with NBC's Lester Holt tomorrow night

The police officer who shot dead Ashli Babbitt during the Capitol riot will reveal his identity on Thursday when he sits down for a television interview to explain how the tragic events unfolded. Babbitt, 35, was the only person killed during the insurrection when the officer opened fire as a MAGA mob stormed through the Rotunda.   'Speaking out and revealing his identity publicly for the first time, the officer will share his perspective on the events of that day, including the aftermath of the deadly insurrection and the threats he has received,' said NBC News in a statement announcing that he would be interviewed by Lester Holt. 'He will also discuss the recent news that Capitol Police will not discipline him following an internal review, exonerating him for use of force.' The interview will be broadcast at 6.30PM Eastern Time.  The officer's identity has become a loaded question as former President Trump and his followers claimed he was being hidden as part of a

Is this the time for wisecracks, Joe? Snarky President says 'you'll be the first person I call' to NBC reporter who asked what he'll do if US citizens and Afghan allies are still on the ground after August 31

President Joe Biden on Wednesday joked with an NBC reporter about the evacuation in Afghanistan as thousands, including many Americans, struggle to get out of the war-torn country as the Taliban takes over.  Biden, after he made remarks at cybersecurity summit featuring several prominent business executives, was asked by NBC's Peter Alexander  what he would do if Americans are still in Afghanistan after the August 31st deadline to withdraw U.S. troops. 'You'll be the first person I call,' Biden joked in response. White House press secretary Jen Psaki defended Biden's remarks, pointing out the president has given numerous updates and gotten many briefings on the situation in Afghanistan. 'He has also highlighted the fact that we are closely watching closely following the threats from ISIS,' she said at her daily press briefing.  President Joe Biden joked with an NBC reporter about the evacuation in Afghanistan as thousands, including many Americans, struggle

R. Kelly forced all his 'girlfriends' to write letters denying they were sexual abused that he could keep as legal insurance, alleged victim testifies

An R. Kelly accuser testified that the R&B singer coerced his girlfriends to write letters denying allegations of abuse in order to protect himself from possible legal troubles.  'As insurance and a way to make sure these women wouldn't talk, created and collected collateral. He made them create embarrassing videos and false letters,' Assistant U.S. Attorney Maria Cruz Melendez said during her opening remarks at Kelly's ongoing sex abuse trial in federal court in Brooklyn on Wednesday, the Daily News reported.  'The defendant would tell us exactly what to say,' the accuser, known on the witness stand as Jane Doe 5, testified. Jane read excerpts from the letters aloud in court, one letter stated: 'I decided I would spank myself really hard until I had bruises.'  When asked by the prosecution Wednesday if she had ever spanked herself, Jane  responded: 'Never.'    Jane, who has been on the witness stand since Monday, previously testified that K

Pentagon says the US military had to take 'time away' from Kabul evacuations to provide security for Rep. Meijer and Moulton's secret Afghanistan trip and Nancy Pelosi criticizes pair for going 'freelance'

The Pentagon said Wednesday it had to take 'time away' from helping Americans in Afghanistan and Afghan allies to protect a bipartisan pair of congressmen who secretly flew to Kabul to observe the US evacuation efforts.  Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said the Defense Department had not been made aware of the visit, and 'we're obviously not encouraging VIP visits.'  'The secretary, I think would have appreciated the opportunity to have had a conversation before the visit took place.' 'To say there wasn't a need to alter the day's flow, including the need to have protection for these members of Congress, that wouldn't be a genuine thing for me to assert,' Kirby said. 'They certainly took time away from what we had been planning to do that day,' he continued.  Rep. Seth Moulton, a Democrat from Massachusetts, and Rep. Peter Meijer, a Republican from Michigan, flew in and out of Kabul airport on Tuesday, with both men adding tha