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Moment Miami police officer tackles man to stop him from filming colleagues as they beat and kicked handcuffed black suspect accused of parking his scooter illegally

Disturbing video captured the moment a Miami Beach police officer tackled man to stop him from filming colleagues violently arrested a handcuffed black suspect.   Surveillance footage released Monday shows a suspect, 24-year-old Dalonta Crudup, being kicked repeatedly and having his head slammed into the ground.   It also shows officers tackle and punch a bystander who was filming the incident from several feet away. Five officers involved in the incident have been charged with assault: Sgt. Jose Perez, and officers Kevin Perez, Robert Sabater, Steven Serrano and David Rivas.  They have been relieved of duty while an internal investigation is underway, WPLG reported. Surveillance footage shows officers repeatedly kicking Dalonta Crudup, 24, and slamming his head into the ground during an arrest last week, although he was already handcuffed Officers said they were trying to stop Crudup for illegally parking when he struck an officer with his motor scooter while attempting to flee the

Kathy Griffin's surgery to remove part of her lung 'went well and as planned' just hours after she revealed cancer diagnosis - as well as 2020 suicide attempt and pill habit

Kathy Griffin has undergone a successful operation to remove part of her left lung just hours after she revealed she was diagnosed with stage one cancer despite having never smoked cigarettes. Griffin is recovering after the surgery ‘went well and as planned,’ according to Deadline. The actor told her followers on social media that doctors were 'very optimistic' about her prognosis. ‘Kathy is now in recovery and resting,’ a spokesperson for the comedian, 60, told the news site. ‘Doctors say the procedure was normal without any surprises.’ Griffin, who had two siblings who died of cancer in recent years, took to Instagram  earlier on Monday to reveal her cancer diagnosis. 'I've got to tell you guys something. I have cancer,' she told her fans on Instagram.  'I'm going to go into surgery to have half of my left lung removed. Yes, I have lung cancer even though I've never smoked!' she continued.    She went on to tell her fans that the doctors are '

BREAKING NEWS: Mollie Tibbetts' killer is DENIED request for retrial after defense attorneys argue she was kidnapped in a sex trafficking ring

A judge on Monday rejected a convicted man's request for a new trial in the 2018 killing of University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts, after defense attorneys tried to link her death to a sex trafficking ring. Judge Joel Yates' ruling cleared the way for sentencing to proceed on August 30 in the trial of Cristhian Bahena Rivera, 27, who was convicted in May of first-degree murder in Tibbetts' death.   He reportedly stabbed Tibbetts to death in Powesheik County, Iowa, in July 2018. She vanished while out for a jog in her hometown of Brooklyn, Iowa.  He was convicted after surveillance photo captured his Chevy pass by Tibbetts during her final jog.  Bahena Rivera was further implicated in the killing after the student's blood was found in his car - and he later agreed to lead cops to Tibbetts' body in a corn field, around a month after she vanished.   The former farmhand, who came to the U.S. illegally as a teenager, now faces a sentence of life in prison. He was ori

Champion gooseberry grower left with sour taste after losing his title when his prized bushes were poisoned and killed by 'rival' ahead of prestigious competition

A champion gooseberry grower claims he lost his title after his prized bushes were poisoned and killed by a suspected rival ahead of a prestigious competition.  Terry Price, 76, believes his crops were sprayed with a mystery chemical formula which caused many of his plants to die within a matter of days.  The former butcher and postman has won the competition, held in the aptly named village of Goostrey, in Cheshire, a record 11 times, and has been competing since the 1960s.  Last year the grandad-of-six claimed victory with a 50g beast of a berry - however following this year's 'sabotage', he had to settle for seventh after his best offering weighed a paltry 28g.  Terry says he noticed his bushes looking 'sickly' three months ago and that within just ten days they were dead. Since then he has sent some of the plants for laboratory testing and discovered they were sprayed with a damaging chemical formula not available to buy over the counter. Good memberries: Terry

Pro-Trump social network GETTR is flooded with ISIS propaganda including videos of beheadings as terrorists exploit platform's 'free speech' policy

Pro-Trump social media network GETTR is being flooded by terrorist propaganda from Islamic State jihadist just weeks after its launch. Ex- Trump adviser Jason Miller led the platform's launch July 4, as those in the former president's circle have looked for alternatives to Twitter and Facebook after Trump was banned.  But GETTR's promise of unrestricted speech has drawn jihadi material that includes videos of beheadings and gruesome viral memes promoting violence against Western nations. One even depicted a militant 'executing' Trump in an orange jumpsuit similar to those worn at Guantanamo Bay, according to a review of online activity shared with Politico.  ISIS members have predicted GETTR will be successful and moved in to exploit its free speech promises (file image) 'Is Daesh here?' one account whose profile photo was the flag of the Islamic State. Daesh is the Arabic acronym for the terrorist group. Replies suggested it was well-represented – and some

Trump's lawyer says he will fight any move the Treasury Department makes to turn his tax returns over to House Democrats

Former President Donald Trump will fight any move the Treasury Department makes to turn his tax returns over to Congress, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday.   'There is no evidence of any wrongdoing here and I object to the release of the returns not only on behalf of my client but on behalf of all future holders of the office of the president of the United States,' Trump's lawyer Ronald Fischetti told the paper.   On Friday the Justice Department ordered Treasury to turn over Trump's tax returns to the House Ways and Means Committee, which first requested them more than two years ago. Former President Donald Trump's lawyer said Monday he will continue to fight to keep his tax returns secret after the Justice Department told the Treasury Department to release his financial records to the Democratic-controlled Congress   President Biden's Justice Department ruled there was a 'sufficient' reasons for Congress to request and receive Trump's tax re