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Jack de Belin told mate accused of raping woman with him 'I think we're on here' before alleged attack, court hears - as footy star reveals 'how woman responded when he asked for a threesome'

NRL and Origin star Jack de Belin has told a jury the woman accusing him of rape was 'very attention-seeking' on the dancefloor and flirting with his mate before he mentioned 'we're on here'. Entering the witness box in the third week of the high-profile trial, the St George Illawarra forward said he met the complainant, then 19, on the dancefloor of Wollongong bar Mr Crown on December 8, 2018. 'She was kind of hanging around the group and then she gave me a cuddle,' de Belin said. 'I said something along the lines of 'aren't you a little cutie?' She just giggled back. 'She was very attention-seeking and her dancing was dramatic and over the top.' Jack de Belin has started giving evidence in his alleged rape trial. He's pictured leaving Wollongong District Court on Wednesday The 29-year-old and Shell Cove man Callan Sinclair, 23, have pleaded not guilty in Wollongong District Court to the aggravated sexual assault of the woman lat

Two people are fatally shot and three others are wounded in 'domestic violence incident' in west Houston home

Five people were shot Wednesday, two fatally, in what investigators say was a case of domestic violence in western Houston, police said. Officers went to a house in the Briar Forest section of the city in response to a report of an 'active shooter' at around 2:45pm on Wednesday. When they arrived, they found the body of a man in the driveway of the house he's believed to have owned, Assistant Police Chief Larry Satterwhite said. Investigators are seen above on Wednesday afternoon at a home in the Briar Forest section of Houston after receiving reports of an 'active shooter' Police officers who arrived at the home found the body of a man in the driveway of the home. The man is believed to have been the homeowner Two people were fatally shot and three others were wounded, according to investigators Upon entry, they found a wounded man with a gun beside him, whom police suspect was the gunman, and a wounded woman believed to have been the complainant, Satterwhite said.

Good Samaritan will spend an extra two weeks in hotel quarantine while grieving a family tragedy because of one simple act of kindness

A FIFO worker who selflessly gave up his spot on a flight is now having to undergo a second fortnight quarantining in an Adelaide hotel while grieving the loss of his father-in-law. Sean Ter Rahe, 48, from Chinchilla, around 290km from Brisbane, had returned from working in Mali, Africa, on November 2. Due to limited spots in hotels in Queensland, Mr Ter Rahe had planned to quarantine in Sydney but was asked to swap with another Sydney resident at the last-minute who had asked to be with their family.  So Mr Ter Rahe flew to Adelaide instead to begin his two week quarantine at the Peppers Waymouth Hotel. He was due to leave for Queensland on Tuesday and be with his grieving wife, but due to a sudden increase in coronavirus cases, South Australia entered into a six-day lockdown and those quarantining at Peppers were made to isolate for another two weeks. Sean Ter Rahe, (pictured with wife) arrived in Adelaide on November 2 to undergo his 14 day stay in hotel quarantine. Due to a sudden

Malnourished baby owl is discovered in the worse for wear Rockefeller Christmas tree after its 185-mile journey as Twitter brands the disheveled fir 'so 2020'

A baby owl has been rescued and rehabilitated after being found roosting in New York City's Rockefeller Christmas tree.  On Saturday, an arborist discovered the sickly saw-whet owl hidden on a branch after the tree had been chopped down and transported to Manhattan.   The worker's wife contacted the Ravensbeared Wildlife Center in upstate New York to see if she would be bring in the badly malnourished bird so that it could be nursed back to full health. 'It had been three days since he ate or drank anything,' the wildlife sanctuary said in a Facebook post.   A baby owl has been rescued and rehabilitated after being found roosting in New York City's Rockefeller Christmas tree. Animal lovers are calling the story a 'Christmas miracle' Online Grinches have slammed the 'scraggly' Rockefeller Christmas tree as 'the perfect symbol of 2020'. Above, the tree is seen as it is erected on Saturday Photos of the tree circulated online soon after it was e

'I am being wrongfully terminated for upholding the law': Ousted Virgina Police Chief Angela Greene will sue after she was dismissed amid outrage for charging Democrat State Senator and protesters with destroying Confederate statues

Ousted Virginia Police Chief Angela Greene decried her Monday dismissal from office saying, 'I am being wrongfully terminated for upholding the law.'  Greene, the chief of the Portsmouth police department, was given the boot on Monday moments after criminal charges were dropped against a prominent state senator and several local black leaders who had been accused of conspiring to damage a Confederate statue during a protest earlier this year. She says that her removal is politically motivated and she plans to file a lawsuit against her dismissal.  'Unfortunately, right now, I believe I am a highly qualified, educated, competent black woman in a profession that is race-neutral as the chief of police… And right now I am being wrongfully terminated because I upheld the law and my belief that no one is above the law,' she said Wednesday night on Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight.. 'I was also punished because I refused to treat criminal behavior by alleged perpetrato

BBC appoints one of Britain's most decorated ex-judges to lead independent probe and 'get to the truth' behind Diana Panorama interview scandal and reveals five key questions that need to be answered

The BBC has appointed one of Britain's most decorated former judges 'to get to the truth' about whether Martin Bashir conned Princess Diana into their notorious 1995 Panorama interview - and if his bosses covered any dirty tricks up. Lord Dyson, former Master of the Rolls who also stood as a Justice of the Supreme Court, has said he will start his inquiry 'straight away' by interviewing corporation staff and having access to available records. He also promised Mr Bashir a 'thorough and fair' investigation following sensational claims the journalist secured the Princess of Wales's trust by faking two bank statements.  The BBC approved Lord Dyson's appointment this afternoon after new Director General Tim Davie ordered an independent inquiry into allegations Mr Bashir fed Diana a string of lies and smears to obtain his 1995 exclusive interview with her.  Lord Dyson will also probe how much BBC bosses knew at the time and whether there was a cover-up an

South Australia records NO new coronavirus cases hours after plunging a million people into the 'world's strictest lockdown'

South Australia has recorded zero new coronavirus cases on the first day of their six-day hard lockdown. The state was plunged into into one of the world's harshest lockdowns at midnight on Wednesday to combat a 'particularly sneaky' and 'highly contagious' mutation of COVID-19 in Adelaide's northern suburbs.  The Parafield cluster increased to 23 confirmed cases on Wednesday. There were no additional infections reported on Thursday morning. Chief Public Health Officer Nicola Spurrier said there are an additional 17 suspected cases. Three coronavirus patients are receiving treatment in hospital and more than 3,200 people identified as close contacts are in quarantine.   There are 35 official active COVID-19 infections across the state.   South Australia has recorded zero new coronavirus cases on the first day of their six-day hard lockdown. Pictured: South Australian residents line up in their cars at 8am at Adelaide's largest Covid-19 testing station in Vic