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Lockdowns and hard state borders will be removed when 70% of Australians are vaccinated against Covid and overseas travel will be allowed at 80% in a new four-phase plan unveiled by Scott Morrison

Lockdowns and state borders will be largely removed when 70 per cent of Australians over 16 are fully jabbed against Covid-19 and overseas travel will be allowed when 80 per cent are double vaccinated, Scott Morrison has announced.  The Prime Minster revealed the jab rates required for each step of his four-stage plan to get Australia back to normal after a National Cabinet meeting with state premiers on Friday afternoon.  'We've agreed that the way we get there is Australians, one by one, family by family, community by community, going out there, getting vaccinated, getting the job done,' he said.  Australia - which has only vaccinated 18.24 per cent of over 16s - is currently in phase A of the plan which requires lockdowns 'straight away' to suppress Covid-19 to prevent thousands of infections and deaths. A state or territory can move to phase B when the national vaccination rate hits 70 per cent and the rate in that state also hits 70 per cent. Pictured: Sydney

Justin Trudeau sends Biden a package of 'smoked meat sandwiches' for winning their Stanley Cup final wager between Tampa and Montreal

Twenty-three days after the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced he would be making good on his wager with President Joe Biden.  'Alright, I’ve had some time to recover from the heartbreaking #StanleyCupFinal .@POTUS, a bet’s a bet. A package of Montreal smoked meat sandwiches is heading your way – enjoy!' Trudeau tweeted Friday. 'And congratulations to the @NHL champs, the @TBLightning.' Tampa took out the Montreal Canadiens in game five, scoring only one goal in order to take home Lord Stanley. Canadian Prime Minister finally made good on his bet with President Joe Biden over the outcome of the Stanley Cup final  Trudeau tweeted Friday that he was sending 'a package of Montreal smoked meat sandwiches' to the White House  The Canadian prime minister didn't reveal until Friday what Biden won as part of the bet: Montreal smoked meat sandwiches  Biden told Trudeau, 'I know losing isn't easy, but th

Boy, 3, dies two days after he was found at the bottom of a swimming pool at $100,000 Martha's Vineyard country club

A three-year-old boy drowned in a Martha's Vineyard country club pool that costs members $100,000 to use or requires ownership of a multi-million dollar home. The young child, who has not yet been identified, was pulled from the pool in Edgartown's Field Club on Monday and died in Boston Children's Hospital on Wednesday, the Cape and Islands District Attorney said on Friday.  Local and state police are investigating the case, along with the DA's Office and Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, but no charges have been filed. left a message with The Field Club for comment.  A swimming pool at The Boathouse and Field Club on Martha's Vineyard. It's unclear if this is the pool where the child drowned  Views of the swimming pool at The Boathouse and Field Club, which costs members $100,000 to use or requires members to own multi-million dollar property An aerial view of The Boathouse and Field Club on Martha's Vineyard The Field Club on Martha'

Cambridge don hits back after Chaucer is labelled a 'rapist' - blasting criticism of the father of English Literature as a 'self-righteous assertion'

For more than six centuries he has been venerated as the father of English literature. Now, however, Geoffrey Chaucer has fallen victim to 21st century wokery. The author of The Canterbury Tales has come under withering attack in a specialist journal from academics who have cast him as racist, an anti-Semite and a rapist. The portrayal has divided scholars and prompted one former Cambridge don to resign from the publication’s board in disgust at the ‘grotesque caricature’. The Chaucer Review published a series of articles edited by two academics, Nicole Sidhu and Samantha Katz Seal, entitled ‘New Feminist Approaches to Chaucer’. Suggesting the time may have come ‘for feminists to move past Chaucer’, they wrote: ‘He is a rapist, a racist, an anti-Semite; he speaks for a world in which the privileges of the male, the Christian, the wealthy, and the white are perceived to be an inalienable aspect of human existence.’ Claims of anti-Semitism and racism arise from the prioress in The Canter

'I should've gotten the damn vaccine!' Tragic final text sent from 39-year-old father-of-five to his fiancée before he succumbed to COVID after contracting the virus on vacation'

A father-of-five sent a heartbreaking text message to his fiancee saying he should have had the COVID-19 vaccine - just days before he succumbed to the deadly disease.  Michael Freedy, 39, passed away Thursday at a hospital in his hometown of Las Vegas, less than two weeks after contracting the virus.  Earlier this month, Freedy and his fiancee, Jessica DuPreeze, took a beach vacation to California with their five kids - aged between 17 and 17 months.  After returning to Las Vegas, Freedy fell ill and went to hospital believing he was suffering from severe sunstroke.  Doctors discovered his blood oxygen level was critically low and tested him for Covid, which returned a positive result.  As his breathing deteriorated, Freedy texted DuPreeze saying: 'I should have gotten the damn vaccine.' He was later placed on a ventilator before he passed away.  Speaking with KMOV on Friday, a heartbroken DuPreeze explained: 'We wanted to wait just one year from the release of the to see

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio hints that vaccines might be MANDATED for anyone wanting to dine inside a restaurant

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has hinted he may issue a vaccine mandate for all New Yorkers wanting to dine inside a restaurant. De Blasio told CNN on Friday that 'all options are on the table' when it comes to trying to tackle the spread of the Delta variant which now accounts for 72 percent of all new COVID-19 cases in the Big Apple.    'What's going to happen, bluntly, is that folks who are vaccinated are going to be able to experience all the things that they love in the life of this city and this country,' he said.  'And the folks who are not vaccinated are going to find that too many things that they want to do, they can't do unless they're vaccinated. That has to be the reality because people will respond to that.'  This week, the mayor has rolled out a number of new policies and incentives in an effort to encourage more people to take the shot in what was once the virus epicenter of the world. City employees are now required to either ge

'My mind and body are not in sync': Simone Biles hit back at critics saying she 'quit' the Tokyo Olympics by sharing calamitous video of her 'dangerous' uneven bars practice - and hints she may NOT compete in individual events next week

Simone Biles today gave the strongest clue yet that she is not prepared to continue her quest for Olympic gold and raised fears she may quit the Olympics. The 24-year-old gymnastics star revealed that she is still struggling to steady her nerves and her competition skills as she decides whether to return to the Olympic arena or walk away from her dream of adding more gold medals to her already-impressive tally. Biles, a four-time Olympic gold medalist, did a question-and-answer session for her followers, during which she laid bare her current below-standard ability, which also opening up about her mental health struggles and battle with the 'twisties' - a mental phenomenon that causes gymnasts to feel as though they are 'lost in the air'. Viewers were invited to witness a training calamity, which was filmed this morning in Tokyo, and which is certain to leave Team USA officials pondering whether Biles should quit the Olympics and fly home to take care of her health. Sim