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New Jersey high school teachers are investigated after 'making homophobic comments about colleague on Zoom'

Two teachers in Bergen County, New Jersey are being probed after allegedly making homophobic remarks about a colleague in the chat section of a Zoom class on Wednesday. The incident involved educators at Dumont High School, though the teachers' identities have not yet been revealed. A screenshot of the exchange was posted on Twitter, showing the homophobic remarks in the Zoom chat. One teachers appears to write, 'Why is that kid with the gay gym teacher?' Another responds, 'Is that her adopted kid? Who is gonna be all f----d up growing up watching 2 chicks kissing and calling them both mom.' A screenshot posted on Twitter shows the homophobic remarks being made by multiple teachers on a Zoom chat on Wednesday Dumont High School in New Jersey is grappling with a homophobic incident involving at least two of their teachers Prior to those comments, a screenshot shows previous messages that also seem to make light of the referenced teacher's sexual orientation. Acco

Iowa Republican congressional candidate declares victory after a recount puts her ahead by SIX votes out of almost 400,000 cast

A Republican candidate is hanging onto a single-digit lead in Iowa's 2nd Congressional District after a recount in a race that will help determine the size of Democrats' majority in the House of Representatives. Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks had just six more votes than Democrat Rita Hart after the recount wrapped up Saturday in Clinton County, which was the last of the district's 24 counties to reports its results, the Iowa City Press-Citizen reports.  Clinton County also is where Hart lives on a Wheatland farm and served as an educator and state senator.  A state canvassing board is expected to meet Monday, the legal deadline, to certify the results of the race in which more than 394,400 votes were cast. Democrat Hart has not said whether she will file a legal challenge in the race.  Miller-Meeks acknowledged in a statement that the race was 'extraordinarily close,' but said she was proud of the outcome and looked forward to being certified as the winner. A

Penthouse Pet drug trafficker finds love with a former female prison guard years after they met in jail - as she reveals how the pair first got acquainted behind bars

Simone Starr was a bikini model and Penthouse Pet An ex-prostitute and international drug trafficker has turned her life around and found love with a former female prison guard. Simone Starr was a bikini model and Penthouse Pet before she became a figure in Sydney's underworld in the late '90s and early 2000s. After fleeing to the United States after a parcel bomb blew up in the face of her then-boyfriend Brett Boyd in the city's North Shore, Starr was arrested for smuggling methamphetamine in 2009 and sentenced to six-and-a-half years' jail. It was during her time as an inmate at Dillwaynia women's prison in 2017 when she broke down after a particularly intense rehabilitation program that she met Britt Young - the future love of her life. 'It was very confronting. I didn't listen to no one then, I was a ratbag back in the day and she took the time out to give me time,' Starr told the Daily Telegraph. For three weeks, the former military worker checked

Australia won't receive ANY Playstation 5s in stock until 2021 - after parents scrambled to buy the coveted new $599 console in time for Christmas

Gamers hoping to get their hands on a Playstation 5 this Christmas will have to wait a little longer with stock completely cleaned out until next year.  The next-generation console sold out within minutes of its release in Australian retail stores on November 12. Big W claims to have sold out in just two hours - its fastest selling pre-order in history - while the JB Hi-Fi website crashed because of online traffic. Now Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced it has completely run out of stock and admitted it does not expect it to be replenished for a couple of months.  Gamers hoping to get their hands on a Playstation 5 this Christmas will have to wait a little longer with stock completely cleaned out until next year  The next-generation console sold out within minutes of its release in Australian retail stores on November 12 (pictured, one lucky shopper snags a Playstation 5 on launch day in Sydney) 'SIE Australia is pleased to have fulfilled all PS5 stock available to Austr

Incredible moment NRL star Corey Norman's stunned mates realise he's won $25,000 on the pokies - despite already bagging $800,000 a season

Highly-paid NRL star Corey Norman has won $25,000 on the pokies during a night out with mates, sending the group of football players into a frenzy.  The St George Illawarra Dragons player snatched the jackpot while hitting the town with fellow sporting legends Matthew Moylan, Nathan Peats, and Bryce Cartwright on Friday night.  Former Gold Coast Titans hooker Nathan Peats shared footage to social media of the group jumping for joy as gold coins bounce across the slot machine's screen.  Corey Norman was filmed screaming for joy after winning a $25,000 pokies jackpot  on Friday night 'What's up!' Norman screams at the camera. The group can be seen jumping up and down cheering as the punter's friends slap him on the shoulder. The $25,000 grand jackpot is only a fraction of Norman's $800,000-a-seaon pay cheque 'I just said he would win!' one friend says, poking Norman in the chest.  The jackpot is only a fraction of the Dragon player's $800,000-a-sea

Shocking moment car FLIPS after smashing into Trump-supporter's truck following road rage fight in Los Angeles

A road rage incident at a small MAGA rally in California saw a car being flipped over onto its roof and it was all caught on camera in front of shock onlookers. The crash happened in Hermosa Beach on Saturday afternoon when two drivers decided to show off their support for Trump by displaying flags high above their vehicles as they paraded down the main street in normally liberal beachside town.  Then, a third civilian vehicle suddenly appeared on the scene and veered into one of the MAGA cars before clipping a row of parked cars, causing it to lose control and overturn.      Two cars were seen driving down main street in Hermosa Beach on Saturday The pair were suddenly joined by a third vehicle which attempted to chase the pair down  The road rage incident was all caught on camera by shocked onlookers The crash was caught on camera by eyewitnesses who appeared surprised by the sudden commotion. Both cars were initially taking up two lanes on the one-way road when the third vehicle p

California governor nixes parole for Manson Family member Leslie Van Houten who's spent nearly 50 years in prison for brutally stabbing to death a Los Angeles grocer and his wife

California Gov. Gavin Newson has reversed parole for Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten, marking the fourth time a governor has blocked her release and the 23rd time she's been denied parole. A California panel recommended parole in July for Van Houten, 71, who has spent nearly five decades in prison.  Newsom reversed her release once previously and his predecessor, Jerry Brown, blocked it twice. Van Houten's attorney, Rich Pfeiffer, said they will appeal Newsom's decision. Leslie Van Houten (left and right), a member of the Manson Family, was denied parole a 23rd time after Gov. Gavin Newsom on Saturday overturned the decision of a state panel to release her Van Houten was one of a handful of Manson Family members who took part in the LaBianca killings in August 1969 'This reversal will demonstrate to the courts that there is no way Newsom will let her out,' Pfeiffer said. 'So they have to enforce the law or it will never be enforced.' Newsom said

That's one way to cool down: Hilarious moment a woman sprays walkers on the street with a HOSE in blistering 40C heat in Sydney

A good Samaritan armed with a hose has come to the aid of Sydneysiders braving the blistering 40C the heat by spraying walkers on the footpath.   A video posted to TikTok shows a woman watering down pedestrians outside her home on Saturday to relieve them from scorching temperatures. A woman who works at a pizza shop across the road witnessed the kind act before sharing the footage online.   'This is Carol. Today it was 41C in Sydney and I saw her sprinkling water on everyone passing by,' the employee wrote. A video  posted online showing a woman called 'Carol' watering down hot pedestrians outside her Sydney home has gone viral 'People like her give me hope for humanity.'  The clip begins with Carol, in her face mask, watering a nature strip outside the building complex before pointing the hose in the air to create a mist for a group of approaching walkers.  Two of the women dance through the spray, while a man runs as Carol soaks his back, prompting the gro

Fire which 'started in a restaurant' threatens Sydney homes as high winds and scorching temperatures spread the flames - while blazes also menace Queensland

A blaze that may have started in a Sydney restaurant is now threatening homes after high winds and scorching temperatures spread flames and embers. The fire, near Moxham Park on Whitehaven Road in Northmead, travelled up an escarpment on Sunday afternoon and towards homes on the street, with firefighters scrambling to protect properties.   Smoke was seen billowing from a home while nearby residents were evacuated - as temperatures in the west soared past 40C.  A woman was seen using a garden hose to wet the roof of her house as smoke began to encroach on her property. One house could be seen on fire in aerial footage, with others at risk.  RFS crews are on the scene on Whitehaven Road in Northmead, in Sydney's west, where the fire is creeping closer towards houses (pictured on Sunday) A blaze that is believed to have started in a Sydney restaurant is now threatening homes after high winds and scorching temperatures spread flames and embers Firefighters worked to control a blaze i