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They've only got 'benign cases': Jared Kushner tries to justify Mike Pence carrying on as normal when his 'body man' and chief of staff are among five aides with COVID

Jared Kushner reasoned Monday that Vice President Mike Pence is OK to continue traveling to campaign after potential exposure to coronavirus because his aides only have 'benign cases.' 'For the people in the West Wing who have gotten it so far, it's been fairly benign cases,' the president's son-in-law and senior advisor told Fox & Friends when asked about Pence. 'The vice president obviously has great knowledge about the disease and the pandemic and he knows the right protocols to follow.' Pence has served as the head of the White House Coronavirus Task Force since the pandemic hit the U.S. at the beginning of this year. Although Kushner did not expand on what he means by 'benign cases', he likely is suggesting that the cases in the White House have been largely asymptomatic or otherwise non harmful to those who tested positive. Five of Pence's aides, including his Chief of Staff Marc Short and his 'body man' Zach Bauer – both of

Moment Bronx man, 33, falls 15ft through sidewalk 'sinkhole' and is 'swarmed by so many rats he couldn't yell for help for fear they would crawl in his mouth'

A Bronx man was left horrified when he fell more than a dozen feet into a sinkhole that was swarming with rats, making it difficult for him to even open his mouth and call for help out of fear that the rodents would get in his mouth.  Leonard Shoulders, 33, had been waiting on a bus at 3rd Avenue across from Saint Barnabas Hospital on Saturday when the sidewalk caved in.  'It could have been anyone. It could have been anyone it was a whole scary situation. It was my son and thank God he's alive,' Cindy White, the man's mother, explained to NBC New York.  Leonard Shoulders, 33, had been waiting on a bus at 3rd Avenue across from Saint Barnabas Hospital on Saturday when the sidewalk caved in. Surveillance footage shows the moment that Shoulders falls into the sidewalk, trying to hold on and ultimately plummet 12 to 15ft.  'He went down feet first,' White added. 'He was just standing and the sidewalk just -- It was like a suction. Like a sinkhole. He just went

Trump tears into Biden's 'corruption' and tax plans, slams 'hate-laced' Obama and promises a 'thundering victory' over the 'anti-American' Democrats during back-to-back rallies in Ohio, North Carolina and Wisconsin

President Donald Trump wrapped up a series of campaign rallies in swing states on Saturday, blasting his Democratic opponent Joe Biden as a corrupt politician and creature of Washington while painting himself as a political outsider. Trump repeated the argument from his successful 2016 campaign when voters responded to the unorthodox candidate by handing him the White House. He did three rallies in three critical background states - North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin - kicking off a final 10 days of campaigning that will feature a jam-packed schedule headed into November 3.  'We can't take any chances. We have to win,' Trump told his supporters in Waukesha, Wisconsin, in his final rally of the day. 'Can you imagine losing to this guy?' he said of Biden, calling for a 'thundering' defeat of his Democratic rival at the ballot box while blasting the opposition party as 'anti-American.' 'If you want to raise your children safely you must defeat Sleep

Three people die from COVID-19 and 20 more are infected a month after a shag dance festival in South Carolina

Three people have died from COVID-19 and 20 more have been infected a month after a shag dance festival in South Carolina. The event was held across a number of days in Myrtle Beach at the end of last month after the Society of Stranders’ Fall Migration Festival had canceled their official event due to coronavirus.  Jeptha 'Jeppy' McDowell died on October 17 from the virus; Donald 'Tootie' Brown passed away the following day. Brown's wife Maxine is in intensive care, The Myrtle Beach Online reports. A third person, who attended the Shaggin' On Main festival but who has not been named, also died from the virus.   At least 20 people who went to the dance have tested positive for the virus.  The deaths of attendee Jimmy Weaver of the Holiday Band and another unidentified musician have not been confirmed as related to COVID-19.  Shag dancing, a two-person, male-led dance, is popular across the Carolinas.  Jeptha 'Jeppy' McDowell, left, died on October 17 fro

FREE AT LAST: Melbourne reopens TODAY as 6.4million people who suffered through one of the world's harshest lockdowns for 110 days finally hit pubs and cafes brought to the brink of bankruptcy by Dan Andrews' restrictions

Melburnians who have suffered through four months of excruciating lockdown are finally free to drink a pint, chow down on a steak, or see their mums. As midnight struck across the long-suffering city, the shackles of Premier Daniel Andrews' restrictions were thrown off - at least a little. Two adults from one household can now visit each other's homes accompanied by any children, reuniting families and best mates at long last. Pubs, restaurants and cafes are free to open once again, after being closed, and later restricted to takeaway, and many going to the brink of ruin as a result.  New York-style steakhouse Angus & Bon - on the famous Chapel St - was one of the first venues to welcome guests inside after midnight Owner Liam Ganley instructed staff to pop wine corks and confetti guns when the clock stuck midnight, signalling the easing of restrictions Nick & Nora's bar on Collins Street also reopened at midnight and was serving up cocktails with masked waitresses