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The Footballers' Football Column - Don Goodman: Brighton are my tip for the Championship play-offs

0 shares 2 View comments Don Goodman, is the former West Brom, Sunderland and Wolves striker turned Football League pundit for Sky Sports. In his debut Footballers' Football Column Goodman casts his eyes over the contenders for the play-offs and looks at who has the best chance of following Cardiff and Hull into the Barclays Premier League next season. But he warns the three promoted clubs that staying in up will be harder than ever and looks back on a disastrous campaign for Wolves... &

The Footballers' Football Column - Alan Smith: I'm not sure if Arsenal can win the Premier League with Arsene Wenger

104 shares 41 View comments Former Arsenal striker Alan Smith signed for the Gunners in 1987 and won two league titles with George Graham's side. In his debut Footballers' Football Column he recalls the famous 2-0 win at Anfield in the final game of the 1989 season that snatched the title away from Liverpool. He also writes about the current Arsenal crop and questions whether they can win another title while Arsene Wenger is still at the club. Before you read his column, make sure you watch his video below... &

The Footballers' Football Column - Luke Dowling: The FA need to step in and help with contracts or clubs will go out of business

13 shares 2 View comments Former Portsmouth and Blackburn Rovers Head of Recruitment Luke Dowling gives an insight in his debut Footballers' Football Column into what his role involves and considers how football can help clubs avert financial crisis. He also tips six players from the lower leagues to go on and make the big time. Before you read his column, watch his video below... &

The Footballers' Football Column: Garry Cook: Roberto Mancini is a winner

29 shares 18 View comments Garry Cook is the former CEO of Manchester City and the man who appointed Roberto Mancini as manager. Having previously worked for sportswear giants Nike, Cook is now working for UFC and trying to launch the sport across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In his debut Footballers' Football Column he discusses the recent goings-on at the Etihad and looks at the impact that Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement may have on Manchester United. He also explains why Mixed Martial Arts can be an Olympic sport in the future... &

The Footballers' Football Column - Frank McParland: Jamie Carragher will be missed when he retires

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Will the winds of change finally blow these eye sores away?

30 View comments So who are the real wind farm ‘cranks’: the sceptics who oppose them or the eco-fanatics and profiteers who support them? Just for the record, I detest wind farms and all that goes with them: always have done. I first started investigating these blights on our land and seascapes several years ago when the effects of another bogus green fad – a gigantic, 25,000-ton compost heap erected near my village – led to me to look into the terrible grip that eco-fanatics, nitwitted politicians and green profiteers now have on the whole global warming debate. That was when the obvious, insoluble problem with wind-power was first explained to me: the wind doesn’t blow all the time. And it almost never blows evenly. Power generation, on the other hand, has to be constant, steady and absolutely reliable, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Grim vista: Europe's biggest onshore wind farm, Whitelee, on the outskirts of Glasgow, Scotland So wind farms can only be opera

Tesco share price: Never mind spending, why aren't we talking about making?

16 View comments As Tesco’s profits slip, we British should spend less time in shops, and more on the factory shop floor. Oh no! Tesco made a marginally less obscene sum of money over the Christmas period than expected and – gasp! – may see profits slip by – help! – a full percentage point. No wonder the mega-supermarket’s shares crashed by 16% yesterday and headlines were splashed all over the papers because, really, this sounds like the worst news since, oh, I don’t know, the sinking of the Titanic or something. Loss: Nearly £5billion was wiped off the value of Tesco after the firm revealed a fall in Christmas sales Or then again, perhaps it’s just a gigantic fuss about nothing. I mean, I’m no City boy, but it seems to me that if a 1% drop in profits leads to a 16% drop in shares, then either the market is overreacting with the hysteria the FTSE 100 increasingly displays nowadays, or the shares were massively over-valued in the first place. Or quite possibly both.