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Universities expand entrance exams as Vice-Chancellors say pandemic A level grades are no longer objective – with study showing four in ten pupils are in line for top marks next week

Universities are expanding entrance exams after Vice-Chancellors claimed A level grades achieved during the Covid pandemic are no longer objective. A study shows four in ten pupils are in line for top marks when results are dished out next week, with education bosses concerned about how they can identify the brightest students amongst a 'tsunami' of high grades. With exams cancelled for the second year in a row, pupils are instead being given grades based on teachers' assessments, and the Government has admitted some disruption will remain into the following term as well. It comes amid warnings in a report that there could be even higher exam grade inflation this year than in 2020, which the pass rate reached 100% for the first time ever.   In a bid to try and straighten out the crowded field, top universities are now bringing in their own assessments - a trend experts believe is set to continue in future years.  A university source told the Telegraph: 'It will be extra

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio boasts that his 'Safe Summer' program has driven murders down nearly 50% with a 133% spike in gun arrests in July - despite violent attacks continuing to plague the streets

Mayor Bill de Blasio proudly boasted that his 'Safe Summer' program has driven down murder and gun attacks in New York City despite continued violent attacks that have plagued the streets on a daily basis.  In April, de Blasio unveiled his 'Safe Summer' program, a plan aimed at ending gun violence that focused on creating disincentives for young people looking to turn to guns by offering them positive alternatives.     During his daily briefing on Thursday, de Blasio proudly proclaimed that the program has been effective and said in the month of July the NYPD saw 'extraordinary successes' to curve violent crime.  Listing statistics from July, de Blasio noted that murders decreased by 49.1 percent and shootings were down by 35 percent across the New York City.  The NYPD made 383 gun arrests in July alone, up 133.5 percent compared to last July, the mayor said, while gun arrests in general have gone up 44.5 percent in 2021. While de Blasio touted the success of hi

Woman sues LA after she was hit by car and suffered brain injury when she was forced to step into busy Hollywood street because of homeless encampment on sidewalk

A Los Angeles woman struck by a car after being forced to step into a busy street because a homeless encampment blocked the sidewalk has slapped the city, county and state with a lawsuit. Debra Todd, 64, was hit by a Nissan at the 101 Freeway overpass on Gower Street in Hollywood on Oct. 4, 2020, while attempting to deliver food and water to individuals living at the freeway encampment.  She sustained injuries to her head, hip, back, arm and leg, according to the lawsuit filed Monday at the Los Angeles Superior Court.  'Because of the encampment, you couldn't walk on the sidewalk. You had to walk on the street,' Todd told the L.A Times. 'There was no light or stop sign anywhere at Gower where I got hit.' Debra Todd, 64, said she was hit by a Nissan at the 101 Freeway overpass on Gower Street in Hollywood on Oct. 4, 2020, while attempting to deliver food and water to individuals living at the freeway encampment. She is suing  the City of Los Angeles for negligence  T

Do you know them? Cops are searching for more Sydneysiders allegedly protested in the city's anti-lockdown march - with a mullet-sporting activist and man with a distinctive hand tattoo among them

NSW police are on the lookout for a further eight men and a woman who allegedly protested in Sydney's anti-lockdown march last month. Among the group officers wish to speak to there appears to be a mullet-sporting activist and another with a distinctive hand tattoo.    Police have released further CCTV footage from the unauthorised protest in Sydney's CBD on July 24.    One man officers are attempting to locate is of Caucasian appearance, aged between 50 and 60, of a slim build with shoulder length grey hair. He was wearing round frame glasses as well as a black jacket and pants. The woman NSW police want to speak to who allegedly took part in the anti-lockdown march last month in Sydney  NSW police are continuing to investigate those (pictured above) who allegedly protested last month in Sydney One man police believe can assist with their investigation has a distinctive hand tattoo A second man has a slim build, with a dark beard and is bald. He was wearing a navy-blue hood

How Delta fears have pushed the White House bring back pandemic restrictions in just two weeks: Fully-vaccinated Biden and Kamala mask up and spread out, 14 days after cramming into cabinet meeting

President Joe Biden kept plenty of distance from the vice president and guests at a White House meeting with Asian American leaders – in the latest sign of how the Delta variant is bringing health precautions that the White House had jettisoned weeks ago. The president was seated at the center of a long table covered in a white cloth for his meeting with Asian American, Hawaiian, and Pacific leaders.  Press who came to cover the event were let in just seconds before the president spoke, with initial remarks about the passing of AFL-CIO head Richard Trumka.  Officials set up a long rectangular table in the State Dining room for Biden's event with Asian American, Hawaiian, and Pacific Island leaders The president was seated about 10 feet away from his Vice President Kamala Harris, in a throwback to White House social distancing when vaccines were not nearly as widespread.  Harris and other officials were masked as Biden spoke.  Just two weeks ago, on July 20th, it was a very differen

Britons back jabs for children: Almost three-quarters of us support giving Covid vaccines to the over 12s... and millions want it extended to the over-fives

There is huge support for giving Covid jabs to children over 12 – and millions want it extended to the over-fives. Three in four voters say it's a good way to stop another coronavirus wave and believe parents should urge their teenage children to be vaccinated. But despite strong backing for the initiative, the idea of offering free pizzas as 'bribes' to encourage teens to get the jab has fallen flat. Young people are keener on the idea –but they would rather have a free taxi ride to a vaccine centre. These are among the key findings of the first poll since the Government announced it is to offer vaccines to 16 and 17-year-olds. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be encouraged by huge overall support for the initiative revealed in the JL Partners survey for the Daily Mail. A total of 84 per cent say 16 and 17-year-olds should have the jab and among 16 to 24-year-olds, support is even higher at 87 per cent. There is similar enthusiasm for jabbing secondary school pupils: seve

EXCLUSIVE: Pre-party putt! Barack Obama is seen playing a round of golf with three buddies ahead of his 60th birthday bash on Saturday

Looking relaxed, and not a day over sixty, Barrack Obama joked with, ‘Just make sure you get a good picture of me!’ as he enjoyed a round of golf, Thursday afternoon. Seen for the first time since he turned sixty Wednesday, these exclusive pictures and video show the former president enjoying a round of golf near his home in Martha’s Vineyard. The former president emerged from the family’s $12million estate shortly after noon. Making the most of a break in the weather after a rainy start to the day he took to the greens of Farm Neck Club on the edges of the town of Oak Bluffs. Obama joined the club which boasts that it is ‘fully organic,’ with ground keepers using no chemicals or pesticides, in 2016. The course also encourages caddies not carts and the president and his three companions towed the line and walked the course. Obama was seen for the first time since he turned sixty Wednesday in these exclusive pictures and video showing the former president enjoying a round