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REVEALED: Donald and Melania received gifts worth $120K from world leaders in 2019 including portraits of himself: Mike Pompeo received a $6K bottle of whisky which has mysteriously gone missing

Donald Trump received multiple photos of himself, Melania Trump got a sterling silver jewelry box from the Queen and a $5,800 bottle of Japanese whisky given to Mike Pompeo has gone missing. The gifts, handed out to Trump administration officials by foreign leaders in 2019, were revealed in a new filing in the Federal Register on Wednesday. The State Department's Office of Protocol is required to record gifts given to U.S. officials over $390 in value and keep track of their disposition. Recipients either have to turn them over to the National Archives or another government entity or purchase them for personal use at their valued cost. The missing Japanese whisky as given to then Secretary of State Pompeo in June 2019, presumably when he was there for a G20 meeting. But it's location is listed as 'unknown.'   'The department is looking into the matter and has an ongoing inquiry,' it said in the Federal Register notice.  The State Department's Office of Proto

Terrified woman hides in bushes as a 'stampede' of 20 kangaroos bounce towards her at a popular lookout

A terrified woman was forced to duck for cover after a mob of kangaroos bounced towards her at a popular lookout.  Emilie Kenny, 27, made her way to scenic Cape Bridgewater in Victoria on Monday about 1.30pm with the aim of seeing a seal colony. After parking her car and setting off on foot, she was then confronted by a mob of close to 20 kangaroos. 'I didn't know what to think initially,' the Melbourne bank manager told Daily Mail Australia. Melbourne woman Emilie Kenny had a recent close encounter with a mob of kangaroos she won't forget in a hurry 'I'm on annual leave at the moment, I was actually supposed to be at the snow. 'It is an experience I won't forget in a hurry, I was a little worried one might crack the s**ts and charge at me. 'I just made sure I stayed out of the way, my friends and family all think it is hilarious.' Ms Kenny sets the scene in her video, declaring 'just in case I die there is a stampede of kangaroos coming

Robinhood stocks surge by 82% raising nearly $20billion in incredible rally just six days after it held the worst ever IPO for a company of its size

Robinhood's stock flew on Wednesday, soaring by as much as 82%, nearly a week after its rocky initial public offering that saw its shares plunge 8.4% in the worst-ever debut for a company of its size.  The company that helped fuel the GameStop stock phenomenon, with its easy-to-use app, finished trading on Wednesday at $71.17 per share. That means it has more than doubled in value in four days, generating a total of $20billion in market value. Robinhood ended trading Wednesday 50.4% above the previous day in a rally that was so feverish that trading was temporarily halted three times in the first half hour after the market opened.  It's a sharp turnaround from last week's lackluster debut for the stock, when it sank 8.4% from its initial price of $38 on Thursday. Vladimir Tenev, CEO and co-founder of Robinhood, is shown on an electronic screen at Nasdaq in New York's Times Square following his company's rocky IPO, Thursday in which it saw its shares drop 8.4% from i

Prosecutors in NYC, Albany and Westchester launch sexual harassment criminal probes into Governor Cuomo - while he sticks his head in the sand and tweets about COVID from Albany mansion

Cuomo tweeted twice on Wednesday but ignored the mounting calls for him to resign  Governor Andrew Cuomo stuck his head in the sand on Wednesday, ignoring the mounting calls for him to resign or face criminal charges for sexually assaulting female staff and three looming criminal investigations.   Cuomo was found to have sexually harassed at least 11 women by a team of investigators put together by Attorney General Letitia James.  She does not have the legal scope to charge him criminally, but the Albany District Attorney said he has launched an investigation and is inviting women to come forward.  Everyone from NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to President Joe Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi - some of Cuomo's most trusted Democratic allies - is telling him it's time to resign but he is clinging on, insisting he's the victim of a politicized attack by James and that his accusers either lied about him or misinterpreted his 'warmth' for sexual predatoriness. The District Attor