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Trump claims Obama has no faith in Biden, tried to stop him from running and even used to say 'if you wanted to see something really screwed up, give it to Joe'

Donald Trump has tweeted that Joe Biden was not trusted by Barack Obama, claiming that Obama used to say: 'if you wanted to see something really screwed up, give it to Joe Biden to do.'  Trump, who has reportedly been angered by Obama's recent appearances on the campaign trail, tweeted on Friday night that the former president was in truth skeptical about Biden's candidacy. 'President Obama used to say that 'if you wanted to see something really screwed up, give it to Joe Biden to do.,' Trump tweeted. 'In fact, he tried to keep Joe from running, 'you don't have to do this Joe', and then wouldn't endorse him until long after the Primaries ended. 'Joe is lost!'.' Donald Trump claimed that Barack Obama was lukewarm about Biden's candidacy Obama is pictured campaigning for Biden on Tuesday at a drive-in rally in Orlando The quote about 'screwing things up' appeared to be a reference to an August story in Politico, when

America boards up: Cities across the nation prepare for widespread looting and riots ahead of Election Day - as some states ready their National Guard

Cities across the nation are boarding up in preparation for widespread violence on and after Election Day, as many states prepare the National Guard for activation and specialized units of military police Guardsmen ready for rapid deployment. On Friday, boards went up over storefronts in Washington DC, New York City, Los Angeles, Denver and elsewhere in anticipation of potential political violence that would be unprecedented in modern American history.  Experts fear the unrest could be widespread regardless of whether Republican Donald Trump or Democrat Joe Biden emerges victorious -- and warn that riots could begin even if the results are not clear on November 3, a likely scenario given the surge in mail-in voting this cycle.  Security officials are preparing for a range of possible threats, from spontaneous acts of mob violence to more organized, planned attacks.  Washington DC: Ahead of the presidential election, workers with Baguer Construction LLC board up a Walgreens on U Street

Trump narrows the gap on Biden's lead to just eight points in new poll with only four days left before the election

A new poll shows that with Election Day rapidly approaching, President Trump is beginning to close the gap on Joe Biden's lead.    According to a Fox News national survey of likely voters released Friday, Biden's lead over Trump has narrowed from a 10-point advantage to eight points.  The poll indicates that Biden is now ahead of Trump by a 52-44 per cent margin, with two per cent of likely voters backing a third-party candidate and two per cent being undecided.     The new poll showed that Biden's lead had dropped from 10 points to eight points in the last three weeks. He is now leading by 52-44 per cent, but he previously lead by 53-43 per cent A new Fox News poll of likely voters reveals that President Trump is closing the gap between Joe Biden's lead and is now just eight points behind him Three weeks ago, in early October, the pollster said that Biden had a 53-43 per cent margin.  Fox News reported that among likely voters, support for Biden has been between 51-53

Stripper claims Phil Collins' ex-wife Orianne Cevey 'hired him for sex from an escort agency while she was living with the rocker and introduced him to star as "her friend"

Phil Collins' ex wife Orianne Cevey allegedly engaged in a 14-month affair with stripper Preston Thompson, 29, and introduced him to the Genesis frontman moments before he took to the stage.  Thompson claims he was 'introduced to Phil as just her friend' when he attended the singer's Not Dead Yet tour date in Las Vegas in October 2019. 'I was introduced to Phil. We shook hands and it was awkward. I had a feeling maybe he knew,' Thompson said. 'I asked her about it and she said, 'I didn't want to cause any problems backstage, he's about to go on for a show. I told him you're my friend but he knows about us'. Shortly after the bizarre encounter, Cevey asked Thompson to live with him at the palatial Miami home she shared with the Easy Lover singer, asking him to visit when he was out of town. Messy: Phil Collins' ex wife Orianne Cevey allegedly engaged in a 14-month affair with stripper Preston Thompson, 29, while still living with Colli

'Don't believe the polls': Michael Moore says Trump vote is 'always undercounted' and warns Democrats are being 'overconfident'

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore is warning people not to be overconfident with Joe Biden's lead in the polls because President Trump voters are 'always being undercounted.' In 2016, left-wing Moore predicted that Trump would win the election, and back in August, warned he could win reelection because Trump's supporters were so enthusiastic.  On Thursday, Moore told Hill.TV's Rising hosts that Democrats and Biden supporters shouldn't take polls showing the former Vice President's lead in various states without a grain of salt.  Michael Moore warned that Trump voters are always being undercounted and that Biden supporters shouldn't rest easy because poll results show him in the lead 'Don’t believe these polls, first of all,' Moore said.  'Second of all, the Trump vote is always being undercounted. Pollsters, when they actually call a real Trump voter, the Trump voter’s very suspicious of the "Deep State" calling them and asking th

Pheasant shoots will be scaled back across the country as government 'caves in' to BBC wildlife host Chris Packham

Pheasant shooting is to be scaled back across large swathes of the countryside, it emerged last night. The Government was accused of 'caving in' to a campaign by BBC presenter Chris Packham after licensing to limit the release of popular game birds was announced. Shooting organisations have been left outraged by the measures, which include a ban on most releases of pheasants and partridges within 500 metres of Britain's Sites of Special Scientific Interest . The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs will license the release of gamebirds from next year. This will affect around 10 per cent of land currently used for gamebird shooting, according to the British Association of Shooting and Conservation . The Government was accused of 'caving in' to a campaign by BBC presenter Chris Packham after licensing to limit the release of popular game birds was announced Mr Packham, pictured, was due to present a legal challenge against Defra next week over its policy

Julie Bishop and Malcolm Turnbull rush to defend scandal-hit Australia Post boss as former PM says there's 'nothing corrupt or dishonest' in giving four executives Cartier watches worth $20,000

Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and former foreign minister Julie Bishop have rushed to the defence of Australia Post's embattled chief executive.  Christine Holgate was told to stand aside from her CEO role in October, pending an investigation, after it was revealed she spent $20,000 on four luxury Cartier watches for already highly paid executives.  'There is nothing corrupt there. There is nothing dishonest there,' Mr Turnbull said.  Malcolm Turnbull (pictured with wife Lucy) has defended embattled Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate  Former foreign minister Julie Bishop said she had met Ms Holgate and was impressed by her  Mr Turnbull, who was a high profile lawyer before turning to politics, said that while the expensive gifts may not look good, Ms Holgate had not done anything wrong and had been treated harshly.  'The fact that she chose to deliver that bonus with a flashy watch, a very expensive watch, that is a question of taste - you might say you didn

Urgent warning issued after Coles shopper discovered a NEEDLE inside a strawberry

A Coles shopper has issued an urgent warning after she nearly bit into a strawberry that had a pin hidden inside. The woman had bought the punnet from a store in Mount Sheridan in Cairns, in Far North Queensland this week. But upon cutting up one of the strawberries she was horrified to see a long thin needle sticking out of the fruit. A Coles shopper has issued an urgent warning after discovering a needle inside a strawberry she'd bought from a store in Cairns this week The shopper said the supermarket had been notified and warned any other customers to 'please be careful'. A Coles spokesperson said they would investigate the matter. 'Coles takes the safety of the food we sell seriously,' the spokesperson said. 'We have worked with our strawberry suppliers to implement additional control measures to ensure strawberries are inspected before they are sent to supermarkets.  'We will follow up with our supplier to investigate the matter.'  The incident mark

Rishi Sunak's 'Eat Out to Help Out' was to blame for one in SIX coronavirus outbreaks and may have accelerated second Covid-19 wave, study claims

Eat Out to Help Out played a 'significant' role in accelerating Britain's second wave of coronavirus, a study has claimed. There was a sharp increase in clusters of Covid-19 infections a week after the Government scheme began, according to University of Warwick researchers.  They believe the initiative, which gave diners up to 50 per cent off meals out, was to blame for as many as 17 per cent of new infection clusters between August and early September - one in every six. The experts looked back at trends in infection rates before, during and after the scheme to work out how it affected the numbers of people testing positive. But experts questioned the findings of the study and said outbreaks it picked up could not be definitively linked to restaurants or eating out, pointing out that it also took into account cases in areas where outbreaks were declining.  Although people had to socially distance in restaurants where the deal was offered, the virus is known to spread more