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From fugitive to fashion model: How Cheryl Diamond, 34, spent two decades evading Interpol with her family of outlaws under six different aliases before moving to New York City with $300 in her pocket

Cheryl Diamond, 34, is a former fugitive turned fashion model who spent the first 24-years of her life on the lam with her family evading Interpol. 'It's the simple mistakes that get you caught,' she says Cheryl Diamond was born an outlaw. As a child, she claims she mastered the art of forgery, learned to shoplift, withstand an interrogation and most importantly – she knew how to disappear. 'It's the simple mistakes that get you caught,' she says. Now aged 34 and living in Rome, the former outlaw details her unimaginable life in her gripping new memoir,  Nowhere Girl: A Memoir of a Fugitive Childhood. With Interpol reports and sworn affidavits to back it up, Cheryl Diamond proves that truth is stranger than fiction.   Belying her serene blue eyes and cascading blonde hair is a life of global intrigue - and a childhood that was more akin to the pages of James Bond than Dr. Seuss. She claims her first memory was a near death experience at the age of four when brak

Popeyes has been stockpiling chicken for SIX MONTHS ahead of nuggets launch as prices spike and firm seeks to avoid shortages that sparked fights when sandwiches were released in 2019

Fast food chain Popeyes has revealed it has been stockpiling frozen chicken for six months as it prepares to roll out a new line of chicken nuggets amid an industrywide shortage in poultry and spiking prices. The company appears to be looking to avoid a repeat of the disastrous 2019 rollout of its chicken sandwich, which saw long lines at some locations and fist fights when stocks ran out. Whole raw chicken can be frozen for up to a year and still retain its quality, taste and texture, according to the US Department of Agriculture. Demand for chicken has surged following a meat processing slowdown during the pandemic, and prices are spiking as suppliers struggle to keep up and restaurants reopen. Fears of a shortfall have forced Popeyes to stockpile meat in an industry that typically runs lean. Popeyes Americas President Sami Siddiqui said the company's strategy was reflective of a broader market environment that is emerging from the coronavirus pandemic.  Popeyes announced that it

Uninvited Chinese spy ship is approaching Australia to monitor the nation's largest war-fighting exercise with the United States

A high-tech Chinese surveillance ship is being closely tracked by the Australian military as it makes its way towards Queensland waters.  The Tianwangxing vessel, which translates as 'Uranus', is scheduled to arrive on Friday ahead of large-scale military exercises beginning this week, defence sources told the ABC.   Defence Minister Peter Dutton confirmed the Australian Defence Force has been closely monitoring the Chinese military ship ahead of the Talisman Sabre 2021 war games between Australia and the United states which are set to begin today.    The Tianwangxing vessel, is scheduled to arrive on Friday ahead of large-scale military exercises beginning this week 'We are aware that the People's Liberation Army general intelligence ship Tianwangxing is approaching Australia's east coast via the Torres Strait,' Mr Dutton said. 'We have been monitoring its approach to Australia for several days as part of Australia's broader surveillance effort.'

Penn State sociology professor singles out 'average white guy' in lecture theater to demonstrate how his 'privilege works'

A sociology professor at Penn State university raised eyebrows after he called on an 'an average white guy' student during a discussion about white privilege. Dr Sam Richards, known for his provocative and popular lectures, had a packed auditorium for his June 30 class, as part of a course described as 'an introductory class on race and culture'. Richards marched into the crowd and chose at random a white student in a baseball cap and hoodie, who gave his name as Russell.  'I just take the average white guy in class, whoever it is, it doesn't really matter,' Richards said.  'Look at Russell, right here.  Dr Sam Richards gave a lecture on race at Penn State university on June 30. He pulled a random student from class, Russell , as an example of white privilege Richards told the class that Russell would be more likely to get a job than a fellow black student with exactly the same qualifications and experience A white student was asked by Richards how he f

Confronting moment a Woolworths shopper with his mask hanging around his chin 'explodes like a firecracker' after he is told to wear it correctly

An angry Woolworths shopper exploded 'like a firecracker' when he was asked by other customers to wear his mask properly. Police were called to the Neutral Bay Woolworths on Sydney's Lower North Shore just after 2pm on Monday, after receiving reports the man was yelling at shoppers.  In distressing footage captured by a witness, two customers approached the man and asked why he was wearing his mask around his chin instead of over his mouth and nose. Police were called to the Neutral Bay Woolworths just after 2pm on Monday after receiving reports of a man yelling and screaming at other shoppers 'It was quite disturbing – a gentleman said to this guy politely "mate do you mind putting your mask over your face" and the response was he basically exploded like a firecracker,' the witness told the Daily Telegraph. The witness said the disgruntled shopper was yelling and screaming to the point where he tried to shirt-front one of the shoppers at the front of the

Woman tells cops she 'let God take the wheel as a test of her faith' during 120MPH crash into two cars and a house with her 11-year-old daughter in the vehicle

A woman told police officers she was letting 'God take the wheel' as a test of her faith as she drove at 120mph last month, eventually crashing into two other cars, knocking down power lines and smashing into a house with her 11-year-old daughter in the car.  Traffic cameras caught the moment the woman sped through a red light at 120 mph as she headed south at a four-way intersection, where she slammed into a red car traveling west on June 15 shortly before midnight. Parts of the hood and glass could be seen flying off the red car as the driver continued to speed by, but police told 19 News the driver was uninjured. Traffic cameras caught the moment a woman sped through a red light at a four-way intersection at 120 miles per hour and hit a car traveling west, causing damage to parts of its hood. The driver, fortunately, was uninjured in the crash The red car had been following traffic laws as it traveled west, traffic cameras revealed The 31-year-old Parma driver, who has not

Ed Sheeran is forced into Covid quarantine for a SECOND time – days after watching England at Wembley near David Beckham and William, Kate and George

Ed Sheeran has been forced to quarantine for a second time after he was notified he had come into contact with a Covid-19 case. The 30-year-old musician, who was last seen cheering on England from Wembley's Royal Box as they faced Germany during the Euro 2020 quarter-finals, is now self-isolating for the second time in just a few weeks. It is not known where the Shape of You singer may have come in contact with the Covid case but he has tested negative for the virus several times since returning to his Suffolk home, sources told The Sun.    The musician's quarantine comes just weeks after he was required to self-isolate at his home for ten days after he flew back from the U.S, which is currently on the UK's amber list, after promoting his latest single Bad Habits. It also comes after he was spotted cheering on the Three Lions alongside the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and David Beckham as they watched the team play Germany from the Royal Box at Wembley Stadi

MI5 wants you to be on the lookout for Chinese and Russian spies as much as you are for terror threats

Britons should be on their guard about spying and hostile state attacks from the likes of China and Russia in the same way they are about terrorism, MI5's top boss will warn today. In a major speech at the Thames House headquarters in London, MI5's Director General, Ken McCallum will warn that ordinary members of the public are not immune to the tentacles of hostile states. He will also emphasis that the 'less visible threats that have the potential to affect us all'. To date, there have been more than 10,000 'disguised approaches from foreign spies to regular people in the UK, seeking to manipulate them', according to MI5. The approaches have been made through social media sites such as LinkedIn to steal information, according to the UK's Security Service. And Mr McCallum say he believes 'regular people' should care more about cyber attacks, spying on our world-leading research and technology, misinformation and interference. In a major speech at th

New Jersey teacher resigns after allowing fifth-grader to dress up as Hitler for an assignment and to write about the Nazi leader's 'achievements' for class display

A New Jersey elementary school teacher will resign after he allowed a student to dress up as Adolf Hitler and write and essay about the dictator's accomplishments.  On Monday at a school board meeting in Tenafly, the board voted to accept the resignation of the teacher who has been on a leave of absence since May. The board also reinstated Principal Jennifer Ferrara to Maugham Elementary School, according to The recommendation to accept the teacher's resignation and reinstate the principal was offered up by Superintendent Shauna DeMarco of Tenafly Public Schools.  'While everyone might not agree with my ultimate recommendations, it's important to know that I have taken every piece of feedback that I have received seriously,' DeMarco said. 'I'm so appreciative of how engaged our community is around our students' education.' A fifth-grader's 'Character Development' project on Adolf Hitler was hung in the hallways of Maugha