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Mike Pence brings back coronavirus briefing to claim yet again 'America is turning the corner' as deaths pass 250,0000 - with Dr. Fauci back in the White House but NO questions allowed

Vice President Mike Pence brought back the coronavirus taskforce briefing Thursday - complete with an appearance by Dr. Anthony Fauci - but refused to take reporters' questions as President Donald Trump refuses to concede the election.  Pence - and Fauci too - were upbeat about the vaccine news, with the vice president quoting Trump saying, 'We are rounding the corner to the day we have a vaccine for the American people.'  'We want to encourage every American to continue to do your part. Wash your hands. Practice social distancing. Wear a mask when social distancing is impossible,' Pence continued. 'Put the health of your family and the health of your neighbors and the people in your community first.'  Vice President Mike Pence brought back the coronavirus taskforce briefing Thursday, assuring the American people, 'We are rounding the corner to the day we have a vaccine' Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared at the coronavirus taskforce briefing alongside Vice

EXCLUSIVE: Father of Courtney Herron backs calls for change to Victoria's justice system after the shocking killing of Celeste Manno in her own bedroom allegedly by a man FREE on bail

The father of Melbourne woman Courtney Herron has backed calls by the family of Celeste Manno for immediate change to Victoria's justice system.   John Herron told Daily Mail Australia on Friday that the Victorian Government needed to take immediate steps to end violence against women.  His calls echo that of the Manno family, who lost the 23-year old on Monday in a savage killing.  John Herron clings to photograph of his daughter Courtney, who was beaten to death by Henry Hammond last year Celeste Manno, 23, was allegedly killed in her Melbourne home in the early hours of Monday Courtney Herron was brutally killed by a man doctors say is not guilty of murder because he was mentally ill The death of Ms Manno has brought back haunting memories for Mr Herron of the day his daughter was murdered.  In May last year, Courtney, was bashed to death in a Melbourne park in the most horrific of ways.  In August, her killer Henry Hammond was found not guilty by a judge who accepted he was men

Cuomo says it's still too soon to close NYC despite de Blasio warning second lockdown is imminent as he is slammed for 'ignoring health officials to shut down schools' while bars and restaurants stay open

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Thursday that it was too soon to start closing New York City despite Mayor Bill de Blasio claiming another lockdown was coming 'soon' as a justification for shutting public schools.  De Blasio has been slammed for deciding on Wednesday that he was going to close all public schools despite the infection rate in New York City being just 3 percent and only 0.19 percent in schools.  Parents are furious that their kids can't go to class while bars, restaurants, nail salons and other non-essential businesses are still open. Many private schools are also still open.  De Blasio, in trying to justify his decision, on Thursday said it was because New York City had once been 'the epicenter'. He also promised that Cuomo - who is the only official with the power to shut down businesses - would do so soon.  But during a call with reporters, Cuomo said the infection rate was still too low. When asked why de Blasio had taken the decision and i

Annastacia Palaszczuk and Gladys Berejiklian FINALLY agree: Bitter rivals join forces as push to change national anthem gains momentum

Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has put aside her bitter rivalry with New South Wales premier Gladys Berejiklian and supported her call for a change to the national anthem. The two premiers have been at odds with each other over the border closure during the Covid-19 pandemic and communication has deteriorated between the pair.  The border is currently open to New South Wales, though Greater Sydney residents remain locked out.  Meanwhile, Ms Berejiklian has been focussed on other matters and put out a call for a national discussion on the Advance Australia Fair anthem last week.  She claimed changing the phrase from 'young and free' to 'one and free' would be an acknowledgement of 'our proud Indigenous history'.   'There should be a national discussion on this involving all Australians including Indigenous Australians,' she said. 'I think it's about time we recognise the tens of thousands of years of the First Nations people of this cont

Don't make us miss a last Christmas with our loved ones: Families make desperate plea amid fears they won't be able to visit care home relatives

Nine in ten relatives of dementia sufferers fear they won’t be able to see them at Christmas. The research from Relish – a dementia wellbeing company – also found that half fear this festive period will be their loved one’s last. It highlights the importance of the Daily Mail’s Christmas campaign for care home residents to be reunited with their loved ones through routine visitor testing. Around 70 per cent of the country’s 410,000 care home residents have dementia. Experts have warned that visiting restrictions have led to a sharp decline in their physical and mental health since March. This contributed to more than 5,000 excess deaths among those with dementia during the first wave of the virus. The survey also revealed that more than a third of family members are concerned about their friend or relative being alone over the festive period, with 29 per cent saying that because of coronavirus it will be their first Christmas apart. Restrictions on care home visits have left families o

Georgia completes recount of ballots and CONFIRMS Biden's victory in latest blow to Trump's election fraud claims as the President's supporters rally at state capitol

Hundreds of supporters of President Trump gathered outside the State Capitol in Georgia on Thursday for a ‘stop the steal’ rally for the second day in a row as the state is set to certify that Joe Biden won its 16 electoral college votes. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said on Thursday that a hand audit of ballots in the state was complete and had confirmed Biden as the winner of the November 3 election in the state. An audit was launched after unofficial results showed Biden leading Trump by about 14,000 votes. more videos Bishop says she would 'love' to see family but must 'accept reality' Proud Boy Enrique Tarrio speaks to crowd at Georgia Capital Adorable moment hand-reared baby chimp laughs for the first time CCTV shows Shane Mays shopping after allegedly murdering Louise Biden confirms he hasn't ruled out legal action on GSA access Shocking moment woman pushed in front of NYC subway train Bearly missed him! UPS delivery man has close encounter