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Billions of dollars already invested for coronavirus vaccines in the USA. It is here that the offers are

 So far, as part of Operation Warp Speed, the federal government has made agreements with a number of pharmaceutical companies that have measured about $10.79 billion. The project aims to include at least 300 million doses of a vaccine against coronavirus by January 2021.  Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and BioNTech, Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline, Novavax and AstraZeneca all provided funding for their vaccines from the surgery. The United States has contributed billions to create a coronavirus vaccine that has infected more than 5.1 million people around the world, locking up at least 800 million doses as soon as the immunizations are approved later this year or early next year. So far, the deal with a handful of pharmaceutical companies has peaked at about $10.79 billion as part of Operation Warp Pace, a initiative led by many federal government agencies to promote the production, produce, and delivery of coronavirus vaccines and treatments. The project aims to include at least 3

Russia offered coronavirus vaccine assistance, US declined

 Russia offered a coronavirus vaccine to aid the U.S. but the U.S. refused, Russian officials told CNN Thursday. Russian officials told the network that they had suggested "unprecedented collaboration" with the US Operation Warp Speed, the COVID-19 vaccine production project. Yet officials in Russia have said the "U.S. It's not currently available "to their support. "On the American side, there is a general sense of Russia's distrust and we believe technology — including vaccination, research, and treatment — is not being implemented in the US because of that distrust," a senior Russian official informed. U.S. officials told CNN that the Russian vaccine was not deemed well-developed, with one U.S. public health official stating, "There's no way the U.S. is testing this (Russian vaccine) on animals, let alone on people." The study comes after Russia revealed on Tuesday it had developed a COVID-19 vaccine and Russian President Vladimir

North Korea, Fight to Hold Virus and Floods, says No Thanks to External Aid

 The country suffered significant damage from the floods. But its leader, Kim Jong-un, says that Covid-19 could bring in humanitarian aid. SEOUL , South Korea — North Korea 's chief, Kim Jong-un, says the nation faces "two crises simultaneously"—fighting coronavirus spread and dealing with severe flood damage. But the state news media announced on Friday that Mr. Kim ordered his country not to accept any foreign assistance for fear that outside support could bring in Covid-19.  Mr Kim, who spoke at a meeting of the ruling Politburo Workers ' Party on Thursday, said he sympathized with the "great suffering" of families who had lost their homes in the flooding, staying in temporary shelters. But he said "the situation in which the spread of the worldwide malignant virus has escalated requires us not to allow any outside help for flood damage but to shut down the border more tightly and conduct strict anti-epidemic research," according to the North &#

Lane for Autonomous car? The autonomous corridor coming faster than you think

A potential stretch of road between Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan, will in potential be home to road lanes specifically designated for self-driving cars.  State and private partner Cavnue announced Thursday the formation of a new public-private partnership to create Southeast Michigan's first form of autonomous car corridor to help speed up testing. Finally, the ultimate aim is to close "long-standing holes" in area transportation access. While the lanes will be a testbed for autonomous vehicles at first, the state and Cavnue want the project to be future-proof. When self-driving cars have become smarter, the lanes can change to handle different types of vehicles, such as large freight movers and more. For first for these lanes, Cavnue mainly pictured smaller people-mover-type vehicles, but the project has already drawn other big names.Ford, General Motors, Waymo, Argo AI, Toyota, Honda, TuSimple, BMW and more have all signaled support for this public-private project. E

New Zealand imposes a lockout of 12 days in its largest city as it tackles a new outbreak

 New Zealand has expanded a lockout in its most populated city as the nation is fighting a fresh outbreak of coronavirus in the population that comes after months without any cases being transmitted locally. New Zealand just five days ago marked an enviable landmark — 100 days without any transmission from the world. But this week has shown how easily things can change, even in a country like New Zealand that has been holding up as a global leader for managing the virus. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern revealed on Friday that Auckland — the town of around 1.5 million residents at the center of the latest outbreak — will remain under a level three lockout for another 12 days, while the majority of the country remains under level two limits, meaning that gatherings are restricted to no more than 100 citizens. The rules expand restrictions which entered into force earlier this week. In Tokoroa Under level three limitations, people will be advised to stay away from home for vital personal ac

The peace settlement between Israel and the UAE is a vindication to Trump: Goodwin

 We are talking about the Art of the Deal now! Although defining anything as a monumental achievement in political circles isn't uncommon, it's uncommon when the word is justified. Yet that's the best way to characterize the three-way deal Trump White House, Israel and the United Arab Emirates announced Thursday. You may also call this one an earthquake, based on the immediate effects alone. Regional fault lines are redrawn in an instant, and the door is thrown open to normalize Israel's relations with other Arab states. The agreement is also turning the pressure on the Palestinians to make a settlement drastically, lest they find themselves more trapped in their standoff with Israel. "This means they have to either actually come to the negotiation table or continue to go where they've been," said Jared Kushner, the top American official involved in developing the terms. Indeed, the deal targeting the Palestinians is a sweetener. Israel's decision to d

The extension of $400 to unemployment is unlikely to come early, if any. Everything You Should Know

 With Congress and the White House at an impasse, President Trump recently requested an additional $400 a week for people seeking unemployment benefits. The extra funds would be a relief for the more than 15 million jobless Americans who saw a weekly $600 benefit expire at the end of July. Yet the extra money is far from a done deal in the midst of the continuing coronavirus epidemic. For one thing, this week California Gov. Gavin Gavin Newsom pushed back on the aspect of the program that allowed states to contribute $100 of the gain, claiming that this would result in the state facing "huge" budget cuts. And what sort of unemployment compensation Californians will see — and, crucially, when? With Congress and the White House at an impasse, President Trump recently requested an additional $400 a week for people seeking unemployment benefits. The extra funds will be a consolation for the more than 15 million jobless Americans who saw a weekly $600 aid expire at the end of July

Jason Rantz: 'Black Lives Matter' in Seattle means 'running down White Female Chief of Police'

 Radio host Jason Rantz told Fox News Radio "Guy Benson Show" Thursday that Seattle's definition of embracing the Black Lives Matter campaign entails laying off Black police officers and forcing the city's Black Police chief to resign. "Welcome to Seattle, where Black Lives Matter means firing all of these Black officers and then throwing out the Black Female Chief of Police in a place typically dominated by White Men," he said. OUTGOING SEATTLE CHIEF SAYS IT'S NOT ABOUT MONEY, Or 'LACK OF RESPECT' Carmen Best, Seattle Police Commissioner, announced her resignation Tuesday saying she can no longer do it and admitting, "I 'm done." "The [city] council has offered us $1.6 million to make sure we recruit the strongest, the brightest and the most diverse to put them on," Strongest said. "And less than a year later, we 're probably going to turn them all away. It looks quite duplicate. My convictions are with me. I rea

Trump insults Harris, Ocasio-Cortez and other feminists

President Trump launched a series of personal attacks on influential female lawmakers and an MSNBC host on Thursday, criticizing the language and intellect of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and others in only a few hours' time.  The president has called out Harris, Ocasio-Cortez, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and "Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski in tweets and in an interview with Fox Business Network. Trump chastised each in personal terms and launched days of assaults on Harris after she was named the running mate of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. "Here you have a kind of crazy woman I name her because she was so furious and despised Justice [Brett] Kavanaugh," Trump told Fox Business Network's Maria Bartiromo, complaining for the third straight day about his 2018 Supreme Court pick being challenged by the senator. "She was the group's most anguished and they were all mad." 

Dr. Anthony Fauci grilled by Matthew McConaughey in an Instagram interview on COVID-19

 Matthew McConaughey interviewed Dr. Anthony Fauci with the fast-talking, Oscar-winning actor on Instagram Thursday getting a chance to quiz the nation's top infectious disease specialist on COVID-19 for 40 minutes.  McConaughey immediately raised questions to the 79-year-old doctor about how worried people should be about catching the virus by touching a door knob (not as much as sharing near physical space with anyone infected, Fauci says) to whether Advil aggravates (it doesn't). "Well, true-false: Will Sunlight destroy the virus?" asked McConaughey.  "It does," responded Fauci, supporting a theory promoted by President Donald Trump. "That really is the truth."  His suggestion of disinfectant 'injection' could be deadly after a backlash, Trump says he was being 'sarcastic'  How about letting us get sick so that we're all safe and the epidemic is dying out?  Fauci said, "No way. That would cause major problems, particular

Trump calls for primary Florida mail-in vote

President Donald Trump demanded a mail-in ballot to vote in Florida's upcoming primary the day before publicly refusing support to meet an anticipated increase in Americans voting by mail at this year's presidential election.  The election website for Palm Beach County, Fla., where Trump is eligible to vote, reveals on Wednesday that the president and first lady Melania Trump were being asked for mail-in ballots. USA Today first published the story. According to the election supervisor of the district, the ballots will need to be picked up in person because the deadline for them to be mailed has already passed. In other states where ballots will be post-marked by election day for counting, the Trumps will return theirs by the primary date of next Tuesday.  Trump railed Thursday against voting-by-mail, claiming he opposes vital U.S. funding. Postal Service is part of a November campaign to deter People from voting by mail. The president has consistently demonized mail-in voting