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Tributes are paid as BBC broadcast great who launched breakfast TV in Britain after decades as the face of Grandstand dies in care home aged 87

Former Grandstand presenter  Frank Bough has died at the age of 87.  The TV sports personality died on Wednesday in a care home, a family friend confirmed. Frank is credited with pioneering  breakfast television, launching BBC's Breakfast Time in 1983 alongside Selina Scott and Nick Ross - and later becoming one of the highest paid presenters on TV.    In the days where TV programming began abruptly at 9am, Frank's voice was the first to be broadcast out to the nation as part of a breakfast TV show at 6.30am on January 17, 1983. Adored by viewers, Frank became known for his smooth, unflappable broadcast style and was one of the best-known TV hosts in the 1970s and 1980s.   The TV sports personality died on Wednesday in a care home, a family friend told the BBC. Pictured in 2001 The sportsman began his presenting career on Home at Six (later renamed Look North), moving to Sportsview in 1964 - taking over from Peter Dimmock - where he charmed viewers for four years before moving

Half of women fail to check for breast cancer: Experts say breasts should be checked every six weeks as new figures suggest one in ten people have NEVER looked for any changes

Half  of women fail to regularly check their breasts for signs of cancer, a study has found. And one in ten have never looked for changes at all, according to a survey for the charity Breast Cancer Now. One in five check only every six months and one in eight do so less than yearly. One in five also said they were ‘not confident’ about what they should be looking for. Others said they would be reluctant to go to their doctor because of awkwardness or embarrassment File Experts said the figures were ‘deeply concerning’ because most cases of breast cancer are detected when patients spot something is wrong. They urged all women to check their breasts at least every six weeks. ‘That one in ten women have never checked their breasts really shocked me,’ said Manveet Basra, public health chief at Breast Cancer Now. ‘It is quick, easy, and can help detect any breast cancer early, giving treatment the best chance of working. ‘There’s no special technique – just get to know your breasts and what

Post Office cash machines crisis: Mail bosses are to scrap a THIRD of its 2,000 ATMs in new blow to elderly and vulnerable

The Post Office is scrapping nearly a third of its 2,000 free-to-use ATMs in another blow for community access to cash. The taxpayer-owned operation is retaining 1,400 machines and has promised to invest £16million to equip them with the latest technology. Customers will still be able to withdraw cash over the counter at 11,500 post offices thanks to a deal with major banks. But many do not know the service exists or are put off by long queues. Around 8,500 free-to-use ATMs have been lost around the country over the past three years and many more are expected to be removed in the wake of the pandemic. The Post Office is scrapping nearly a third of its 2,000 free-to-use ATMs in another blow for community access to cash (file image) Campaigners have regularly raised concerns about access to cash, saying vulnerable groups rely on coins and notes to buy everyday essentials. The 1,400 ATMs being retained by the Post Office include nearly 60 which are not commercially viable but are in locat

Biden concerns Pennsylvania voters with his 'confusing' message over fracking: Former VP gives three interviews and insists he won't ban fracking but will 'transition' away from it - as AOC says it's 'a good first step'

Voters in Pennsylvania are said to be concerned with Joe Biden's 'confusing' message over fracking, in light of the Democratic nominee's newly revealed plan to transition away from oil energy and fracking by 2050. Biden unveiled his intentions oil with wind and solar power sources during the second and final presidential debate with President Donald Trump on Thursday. While Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called Biden's pledge a good 'first step' in combating the climate crisis on Sunday, Pennsylvania voters, however, are not so pleased - especially as fracking is a huge industry in the rust belt state.  In three separate interviews with local news in the swing state on Saturday, Biden faced a grilling over his newly unveiled commitment.   He also faced backlash, as well, for his mixed-messaging on fracking, at some points claiming he wants to ban the measure completely, and at other times assuring voters that he does not plan to get rid of the process. 'Look I

Premature baby found abandoned in a terminal bathroom at Doha Airport is ALIVE - as Scott Morrison demands answers after 13 Australian women were 'invasively strip-searched on the tarmac without their consent'

Thirteen Australian women were forced to remove their underwear for an invasive medical examination on the runway at Qatar Airport after a premature baby was found in a terminal bathroom.   The baby was found alive at the Hamad International Airport in Doha earlier this month and a flight to Sydney was held up while officials tried to work out who the baby belonged to. Passengers say all the women on board, including 13 Aussies, were detained and forced to have an invasive medical examination in an ambulance on the tarmac. The Australian government has formally registered serious concerns with Qatari authorities The mother was not found and the women were allowed to depart before serving hotel quarantine in Sydney.  Wolfgang Babeck, who was on the flight, told the ABC that many of the women were distressed when they returned to the plane. 'When the women came back, many of them or probably all of them were upset - one of them was in tears, a younger woman,' he told the ABC.  &#

The middle class jobs bloodbath: As the coronavirus furlough scheme comes to an end, commuter towns will bear the brunt... and 'a million more face dole' as Christmas approaches, experts warn

The  pandemic has created a middle-class unemployment crisis that will get 'much worse' as Christmas approaches, experts warn. Analysis reveals the extent of the jobs bloodbath in commuter towns, resorts and manufacturing hubs. The number on the dole has already tripled in the hardest-hit towns and cities. In the ten worst-affected areas there are 138,000 on out-of-work benefits – 75,000 more than before the pandemic.   The pandemic has created a middle-class unemployment crisis that will get 'much worse' as Christmas approaches, experts warn The analysis by the Centre for Economic and Business Research raises fears that even well-off communities will become job wastelands as they are hammered by the coronavirus recession.  It reveals the hardest hit areas include Slough, Luton and Peterborough as well as affluent seaside resorts such as Brighton. Economists predict that a million jobs will be lost in the next nine weeks after the furlough scheme ends on Saturday. Doug

Trump's execution list: President will immediately fire 'FBI Director Christopher Wray, CIA Director Gina Haspel, Defense Secretary Mark Esper AND a long line of senior officials' if he wins the White House

Donald Trump is planning on immediately firing FBI Director Christopher Wray, and also intends to replace CIA director Gina Haspel and Defense Secretary Mark Esper if he wins re-election next month, a new report suggests. Each of their names are reportedly listed atop the president's post-election execution list, which also includes a host of other senior officials, two White House sources told Axios.  Firing Wray, who has been in charge of the FBI since 2017, will reportedly be Trump's first course of action, followed by the ousting of Haspel from the CIA.  The White House sources said that both Wray and Haspel are almost unanimously 'despised and distrusted' by Trump's inner circle.  Trump reportedly would have fired them both already, one source said, had it not been for the looming November 3 election, and the political headaches that such motions can cause.  Donald Trump is reportedly planning on immediately firing FBI Director Christopher Wray if he wins on N

Spain declares new State of Emergency set to last until MAY with nationwide overnight curfew as cases of coronavirus continue to rise

Spain has declared a second nation-wide state of emergency covering all regions except the Canary Islands to tackle a surge in coronavirus cases. The new state of emergency will initially last for 15 days but the Government plans to ask parliament for a six-month extension, meaning the restrictions could be enforced until early May 2021. An overnight curfew will be enforced between 11pm until 6am starting on Sunday night. Regions have the power to limit movement in and out of their territories, and could also extend the curfew by an hour on either end depending on local conditions.  This week saw Spain becoming the first European country to record more than a million cases of the virus - and almost 35,000 people have died from it. On Friday alone, 19,851 cases were reported along with 231 deaths. Some 20,986 positive tests were seen on Thursday. Spain has declared a second nation-wide state of emergency covering all regions except the Canary Islands to tackle a surge in coronavirus cas