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How workers could take up to 93 DAYS of holiday in 2021 by rolling over untaken annual leave thanks to the government's Covid ruling

Bank Holidays in 2021  New Year’s Day:  January 1 Good Friday:  April 2  Easter Monday: April 5 Early May bank holida y : May 3  Spring bank holiday: May 31 Monday Summer bank holiday: August 30  Christmas Day:  December 27, (substitute day) Boxing Day: December 28, (substitute day) Workers could bag up to three months of holiday in 2021 due to the government's relaxed annual leave roll over laws for 2020. Employees who have left any of their statutory annual leave entitlement untaken whilst home-bound by covid-19 restrictions this year are now entitled to carry it over into the next two leave years. This means that those who have banked up holiday in 2020 could combine their rolled over days with their 2021 annual leave, bank holidays and the surrounding weekends to book up to an incredible 93 days off work next year.  The loophole is due to the change in annual leave entitlement, which was introduced by Business Secretary Alok Sharma at the start of the pandemic in March, all

Dr. Fauci now claims it will take up to 90% immunity across the US to end pandemic as COVID becomes 'more transmissible' - while the number of super-strains discovered overseas hits THREE - and CDC predicts up to 420K deaths by mid-January

Dr Anthony Fauci, who initially estimated between 60 to 70 percent for immunity, has gradually been moving the goal posts in recent weeks as it emerged that COVID-19 was becoming more transmissible Dr Anthony Fauci now says it could take up to 90 percent herd immunity across the United States to end the COVID-19 pandemic as three mutant strains of the virus are discovered and the CDC predicts up to 420K deaths by mid-January.  Despite initially saying herd immunity could be reached at between 60 to 70 percent, Fauci believes it may now take closer to 90 percent in order for life to return to normal.   Fauci has gradually been moving the goal posts in recent weeks as it emerged that COVID-19 was becoming more transmissible. He said he didn't reveal his higher estimates publicly weeks ago because he feared Americans were hesitant about taking the COVID-19 vaccine. The infectious disease expert received his initial dose of the vaccine on live TV this week.  'When polls said only

Fauci is 80! Top doctor's wife throws him a surprise Zoom birthday party after teaming up with his security detail to get him home on time

Dr Anthony Fauci's wife had to get creative this year to surprise her top epidemiologist husband with an 80th birthday celebration amid the coronavirus pandemic. The head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and his wife, bioethecist Christine Grady, were not going to risk being labelled hypocrites by traveling, or inviting guests over to their house, in violation of the strict COVID restrictions that Fauci has been preaching since the outset of the outbreak. Determined to surprise her husband anyway, Grady turned to Zoom, and worked quietly behind the scenes to get more than a dozen friends and family from across the US and around the world to log in at the same time to wish an unsuspecting Fauci a happy birthday.   Master of surprises: Dr Anthony Fauci said his wife of 35 years, Christine Grady , on Sunday threw him a surprise party on Zoom to celebrate his 80th birthday (pictured above arriving at a state dinner at the White House in October 2016)  Fauci

A hidden fortune on your bookshelf? From Winnie the Pooh to Alice in Wonderland - the classic children’s tales that could fetch up to £15,000 (or more if they're signed by the author)

That dusty old bookshelf at your grandparent's house could actually be worth millions of pounds to determined collectors, according to an expert.    London-based bookstore Shapero's children's book expert Roddy Newlands told MailOnline children's books handed down through generations have gained in value over the decades.  Mr Newlands added: 'One of the great thing about children's books is that they are often handed down from generation to generation, even in these days of digitalisation and "screentime".  ' So you might have had a grandparent, great-grandparent (or even greater still) who would have acquired, for example, first editions of the Chronicles of Narnia, Rupert Bear annuals or the Peter Rabbit books when they were published, and no-one would have realised their exponentially increasing value in the interim.' Children's book collectors are desperate to get their hands on pristine first-edition hardbacks - and will pay a hefty pr

Volunteer EMT, 20, is shot dead by 58-year-old man who then turned the gun on himself at a Washington state medical office in what cops believe was a random attack

A 20-year-old volunteer Emergency Medical Technician was shot dead by a stranger who burst into a Washington state clinic where the victim worked at the front desk and opened fire on her, before taking his own life on Tuesday.     Just before 1pm, officers with the Vancouver Police Department were called to the 505 NE 87th Avenue medical office building, which is part of the PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center's campus, for reports of a shooting. The responding officers found a man and a woman suffering from gunshot wounds, and rushed them to the main hospital's emergency department, where both were later pronounced dead.  Volunteer EMT Liliya Zagariya (left and right), 20, was fatally shot in the chest as she worked at the front desk at a medical center in Vancouver, Washington, on Tuesday afternoon  Police responded to the 505 NE 87th Avenue medical office building, which is part of the PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center's campus, for a report of a shooting  Police sai

Shocking moment masked ax-wielding vandal smashes windows of Republican Senator John Hoeven’s office in Fargo

Police in North Dakota have released startling video showing an ax-wielding suspect vandalizing the entrance of Senator John Hoeven’s office in Fargo. The Fargo Police Department shared surveillance video on Tuesday, appealing to the public for help with identifying the suspect.  The following day, police announced they have identified the vandal and sent their report to the Cass County State’s Attorney’s Office for possible charges. They have not named the man.    Axman: This screenshot from security video shows a masked suspect carrying an ax walk toward Senator John Hoeven's office in Fargo, North Dakota No one was at the office at the time of the attack. Staff discovered the vandalism on Monday morning and reported it to the police  The ax-wielding vandal first strikes the secure lock system, then smashes the glass door leading to Hoeven's office  The suspect's spends a few seconds striking the glass and pulling a large chunk of it out of the frame with his ax The van

High Rise Britain: Italian photographer peeks inside the brutalist buildings of London's council estates

The reality of London's high-rise flats has been captured in a series of telling snapshots. Italian photographer Marco Sconocchia said that his fascination for the British working classes, spurred on by bands like Oasis and The Stone Roses, prompted him to capture the images as part of an exhibition titled Utopia.  Most of the Council estates that were built in the fifties and sixties encompassed the Brutalist architecture of the postwar period. The majority of the tenement blocks were erected following the Socialist plan of providing modern housing to low income families. The intimidating towers loomed high into the sky on the outskirts of the capital. They quickly became home to hundreds of family who were uprooted from their lives when they could no longer afford to live in central London. The reality of London's high-rise flats has been captured in a series of telling snapshots by Italian photographer Marco Sconocchia He said that his fascination for the British working cla