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'Hey little kitty, go away': Jogger has tense stand-off with California mountain lion as it blocks his path for five minutes

Talk about heart-pounding exercise.  A man out for a morning jog on a California trail nearly came face-to-face with a mountain lion that wandered into his path earlier this month.  The incident, which the man captured on camera, occurred on November 2 in Trabuco Canyon, California.   The video starts with the man jogging along the path, accompanied by the sound of birds. A man out for a jog along a California trail came to a screeching halt when he came face-to-face with a mountain lion that ambled into his path After a few moments, the man stops running as he spots an animal in the distance, heading his way.  'Oh, it's a coyote coming,' he says, as the camera zooms in on the animal as it wends its way towards him.  Seconds later, the man realizes his zoological error.  'Oh s**t, that's a mountain lion,' he says, before trying to shoo it away with a 'Hey little kitty, go away.'  Instead of retreating, the mountain lion holds its ground, staring in the

Awkward moment Karl Stefanovic says his sister 'might be one of the people who doesn't take the coronavirus jab' when it arrives in Australia

Karl Stefanovic has suggested on live television that his sister Elisa Stefanovic may be a vaccine sceptic. 'Absolutely, Karl. Who wouldn't?' she replied.  Referring to his older sibling, the host said under his breath: 'I think my sister might be one of the people who doesn't.' The Today show host asked Stella magazine's Sarrah Le Marquand on Tuesday morning whether she would take a coronavirus vaccine if it arrived in Australia  Labor MP Bill Shorten was also being interviewed on the program about a potential vaccine and said: 'Oh no.' Stefanovic laughed: 'What can you do? Family.' Mr Shorten tried to shrug it off by asking whether the 49-year-old's sister also receives government payments.  Unable to keep a straight face, Stefanovic replied: 'I think we should climb into the stuff my sister doesn't do.  'Who loves family, hey? Put your hands up,' he said, adding that he doubts Elisa watches the Today show. The Today

'Summer 2021 is going to be the party to end all parties!' Britons take to social media in hope their lives could be back to normal by next year as experts hail Pfizer Covid vaccine

Thousands have taken to social media to envisage a carefree summer 2021 following the news that the UK could get 10million doses of coronavirus vaccine by Christmas. Boris Johnson is due to hold a press conference at 5pm to update the public on the optimistic news but for some the prospect of being 'back to normal' by Spring was enough cause for celebration.  Ben Henry tweeted: 'Summer 2021 could/will be the party of all parties!!'  James Renn tweeted: 'Here we go lads. Summer 2021 is gonna be mega.'  While Dan tweeted: 'I honestly FEAR for summer 2021 - the way the whole world is going to PARTY.'  K J Bauer cautiously tweeted: 'Not getting my hopes up for this but from here on in, literally every penny I save will be earmarked for travel and gigs in Summer 2021.'  For some the prospect of being 'back to normal' by Spring was enough cause for celebration, with thousands taking to Twitter to tweet in excitement over 'Summer 2021' P

West Virginia judge known for raising eyebrows with his statements, including calling himself 'America's laziest and dumbest judge', dies from liver cancer at 79

The former West Virginia Supreme Court Justice who once jokingly referred to himself as 'America´s laziest and dumbest judge' - and who attracted as much attention for his out of court antics as he did while in it - has died. Richard Neely, 79, died Sunday of liver cancer, which had been diagnosed recently, said Supreme Court spokeswoman Jennifer Bundy. 'We acknowledge all the great service and his incredible wisdom that he gave to the state of West Virginia,' Gov. Jim Justice said at a news conference Monday. Former West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Richard Neely died Sunday, at age 79, of a fast-moving liver cancer. Neely is pictured in an undated photo  Neely, the grandson of former West Virginia governor and U.S. Senator Matthew Neely, grew up in Marion County, graduated from Dartmouth College and Yale Law School and served as an artillery captain in the U.S. Army during Vietnam. He was awarded a Bronze Star for his service.  Neely graduated from Dartmouth college

Car passenger, 21, accused of causing crash that killed aspiring actress by pulling the handbrake is granted bail - despite fears he could flee home to India

An Indian cleaner accused of causing a car crash that killed an aspiring actress has been granted bail. Libby Ruge, 19, was walking along Flinders Street near the Collegians Club in Wollongong, south on Sydney, at 10.30pm on Saturday when a driver of a Toyota Camry allegedly lost control and mounted the kerb.    She was rushed to Wollongong Hospital with multiple critical head injuries but died a short time later.  Two of her friends, aged 18 and 19, were also hit and suffered serious injuries. Miss Ruge's boyfriend Luke Day, 21, was at the scene but escaped unharmed.  Libby Ruge was killed after being hit by a car on Flinders Street near the Collegians Club in Wollongong, on Saturday night Arpan Sharma, 21, the front seat passenger in the Toyota, faced Wollongong Local Court on Monday accused of pulling up the handbrake before the crash. He has also been charged with two counts of dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm and negligent driving causing death and grievous bodi

Zoom will heighten security after it falsely touted end-to-end encryption services that could stop third parties from surveiling data as the company’s stock plunges 17% amid COVID-19 vaccine news

Zoom Video Communications Inc must implement a new information security program as part of its proposed settlement with U.S. regulators over user privacy issues, the Federal Trade Commission said on Monday. The resolution did not have any financial component but the agency revealed in a report that Zoom would face fines of up to $43,280 for each future violation under the agreement. It said Zoom's misleading claims about giving users a secure channel of communication with end-to-end encryption while offering a lower level of protection gave them a false sense of security since at least 2016. The Federal Trade Commission announced on Monday that it reached an agreement with Zoom Video Communications Inc over security concerns  Zoom previously said that meetings were protected by end-to-end encryption, but later backtracked on the claim End-to-end encryption stops third-parties from accessing data between groups as it transfers from one system to another.  In this case, the FTC alleg

A tale of two wreaths: Prince Harry's poppy tribute was left unused when he 'was rebuffed' from Remembrance Day at Cenotaph - unlike poppy-free version he and Meghan Markle laid in LA cemetery

Pictures have revealed how Prince Harry's Remembrance Sunday tribute to fallen soldiers was left unused after it was 'rebuffed' by palace chiefs. Buckingham Palace reportedly refused the Duke of Sussex's request to lay the £1,000 poppy wreath on his behalf at the Cenotaph on Sunday, because he is no longer a serving royal. Prince Harry, who spent 10 years in the Armed Forces, is said to be 'deeply saddened' by the decision, which comes after he and wife Meghan Markle announced their split from the royal family earlier this year.  The pair instead steered away from UK tradition and laid a poppy-free wreath at a cemetery in their new home town of Los Angeles.  But now Prince Harry's poppy wreath has been tracked down to the Royal British Legion's Kent Headquarters - where it was stored after being made in one of the charity's factories. The tribute was in a box marked 'special wreath' and with a label which had the title 'H.R.H Duke of Suss