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'He's on a COVID superspreader tour - he's like a carrier!' Obama tears into Trump's mass rallies as he pleads with Georgia voters to flip the Senate and elect Joe Biden

Barack Obama lashed out at Donald Trump Monday for continuing to hold massive campaign rallies, claiming the president is on a 'tour' spreading coronavirus around the country by defying several state lockdowns for his events. While hitting the trail for his former vice president Joe Biden in Georgia just hours before Election Day, Obama focused on waging attacks against the president while urging voters there to flip their two Senate seats blue. The former president likened Trump's schedule, which includes up to five rallies per day, as a 'COVID spreader tour.' 'What's Trump's closing argument right now? You know, last night, on his COVID spreader tour. He's going around spreading COVID,' Obama lamented. 'He's like a carrier. Because he cares more about having big crowds than he does about keeping people safe,' he added as supporters honked their car horns. Obama went out to campaign for Biden at Georgia State University's Center

Sadiq Khan will be 'forced' to KEEP congestion charge at £15 - despite £1.6bn bailout for TfL - as it's revealed 'temporary' hike raised £100million this summer

Sadiq Khan says the government forced him to keep the congestion charge at £15 as part of the £1.6 billion bailout for Transport for London - as it's revealed the 'temporary' hike raised £100 million over the summer.   After the bailout to keep TfL operating over the winter was announced yesterday, Mr Khan said it was 'not a perfect deal' but insisted he 'fought hard to get to the best possible place' in rejecting the 'very worst' proposals.  However, the controversial hike of the congestion charge to £15 is to be kept as part of the deal, with the mayor's tonight office insisting he was forced to keep it in place.  It is expected to remain in force seven days a week to help pay for free travel for under 18s and Londoners aged over 60.  It comes after Tory mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey, who has vowed to scrap the charge if he is elected next May, revealed that it raised nearly £100 million over the summer.  Sadiq Khan said he was forced to keep

Surface actor Eddie Hassell's girlfriend shares tribute to him saying 'You'll always have my heart' as it's revealed he was randomly shot in the stomach outside her Texas apartment around 2am

Actor Eddie Hassell, 30, who was the star of the NBC show Surface has been killed in a carjacking attack in front of his girlfriend's house in Grand Prairie Texas early Sunday Actor Eddie Hassell, who starred in the NBC show Surface, was fatally shot in a suspected carjacking just before 2am outside his girlfriend's apartment in Texas, it has been revealed. The 30-year-old actor was shot in the stomach outside his girlfriend’s apartment in Grand Prairie at 1.50am on Sunday.  His girlfriend was inside the home at the time and did not see the attacker.  The shooting was believed to have been a carjacking gone wrong, Hassell’s representative shared with Variety.   Hassell's girlfriend Elizabeth Martin, a make-up artist, paid tribute to him on Instagram, as reported by Inside Edition. She wrote: 'You were dearer to me than all the bats in all the caves in the world @eddie_hassell. I loved you more than the sky in Texas. You made me more mad than anyone I've ever met, an

Donald Trump will host 400 people INSIDE the White House for election night party as security fence goes up outside amid fears of violence as first results come in

Donald Trump is preparing to hold a massive indoor election night party at the White House Tuesday with hundreds of guests as crews put up on Monday a 'non-scalable' fence around the complex Monday. The new barrier, a federal law enforcement official told NBC News, will include blocking off the Ellipse, a large green area south of the White House, and Lafayette Square to the north. As indications of unrest in the Nation's Capital emerge as it's likely results of the election will still be unknown Tuesday night, 250 National Guardsmen have also been put on standby to report to Metro Police officials. The guest list for Trump's party includes 400 of his closest allies, advisers and loyalists. Additional solid fencing, meant to deter climbers, went up around the White House Monday The solid white wall is meant to be 'unscalable,' according to White House officials, to act as yet another barrier preventing potential protesters or rioters from reaching the Whit

Victoria enjoys fourth day with ZERO coronavirus cases hours ahead of its beloved Melbourne Cup as punters gather for a very different race

Victoria has recorded its fourth consecutive day of zero coronavirus cases and no further deaths. The figures were released just hours before the state celebrates its beloved Melbourne Cup as they enjoy their first public holiday since emerging from lockdown. Tuesday's figures bring Melbourne's 14-day rolling average to 1.9 cases, with two mystery case recorded in the fortnight to October 31. Regional Victoria, meanwhile, has recorded no cases in the past fortnight. Victoria has recorded its fourth consecutive day of zero coronavirus cases and no further deaths. Pictured:A group of ten people having drinks together in Melbourne on Saturday Racing fans around Australia are still determined the celebrate the 'race that stops the nation', even if COVID-19 restrictions mean they look a little different this year (Flemington Racecourse over the weekend) Melbourne Cup Day will be marked on Tuesday with Flemington off-limits to any spectators for the race that 'stops the n

Danny Masterson's lawyer says three rape charges against That '70s Show star are being 'politically motivated' and claims LA District Attorney is using case to win re-election

The three rape charges actor Danny Masterson is facing are 'politically motivated,' his attorney, Tom Mesereau claimed on Monday at a criminal court hearing in downtown Los Angeles. The 44-year-old That '70s Show star and prominent Scientologist - who didn't show up at LA Superior Court - is accused of raping three women in separate incidents at his Hollywood Hills home between 2001 and 2003. Mesereau - who defended Michael Jackson when the pop star was charged with child molestation - has in past hearings attacked LA District Attorney Jackie Lacey, accusing her of political motives for bringing the charges against Masterson. The distinguished lawyer suggested that Lacey was using such a high profile celebrity case to help her win Tuesday's highly contested election for Los Angeles DA. And at Monday's hearing Mesereau - distinctive in an elegant, dark suit and flowing white hair - repeated his argument that the charges are 'politically motivated' and ask

Federal judge REJECTS Republicans' bid to throw out 127,000 ballots cast at drive-through voting sites in Houston, Texas in victory for Democrats

A federal judge in Texas on Monday denied an attempt by Republicans to throw out about 127,000 votes already cast in the U.S. presidential election at drive-through voting sites in Houston, a Democratic-leaning area. The plaintiffs had accused County Clerk Chris Hollins, a Democrat, of acting illegally when he allowed drive-through voting as an alternative during the coronavirus pandemic. U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen - a George W. Bush appointee - said the plaintiffs lacked standing to bring the case. He also said that if appeals judges found they were able to bring the case, he would rule that the votes must stand.  'I find that when you balance the harms you've got to weigh in favor of counting the votes,' the judge said.  The lawsuit was brought last Wednesday by plaintiffs including state Representative Steve Toth, conservative activist Steve Hotze, and judicial candidate Sharon Hemphill. Pandemic measure: Harris County, which includes Houston, introduced drive-thro

Vietnamese refugee who fled her war-torn country in a row boat becomes an award-winning Australian barrister as she reveals the touching reason she wanted to pursue a career in law

A woman who was born in an Indonesian refugee camp has shared her remarkable journey from asylum seeker to award-winning Australian barrister who represented the victims of genocide from Cambodia's oppressive dictatorship. Lyma Nguyen's parents fled Vietnam in a fishing boat in the early 1980s when the nation's communist regime made their lives a living hell, ransacking homes, bombing cinemas and burning universities to the ground. Locked up, beaten and tortured in prisons for crimes they did not commit, the couple in their 20s only managed to escape successfully on their second attempt. Ms Nguyen, who was crowned winner of the 40 Under 40 Most Influential Asian-Australian Award this week, told Daily Mail Australia her parents would likely have died had they been unable to escape their homeland. Lyma Nguyen was crowned winner of the 40 Under 40 Most Influential Asian-Australian Award this week Pictured: Ms Nguyen (left as a baby, and one) held by her father Vinh Quoc Nguye